Hull and Hat

I visited two more schools in Hull yesterday. Foredyke Primary in the morning and Southcoates Primary in the afternoon. In between I bought a hat!


miss watson










Miss Watson’s Y6 class at Foredyke Primary School (Miss Watson on the right of the back row with Mrs Walton from Hull Schools Library Services on the left). We all created a new character to join the Parrs, my U11s girls’ football team. By the end there were some convincing and credible additions to Megan’s ‘squad’ for her to choose from.  
















I don’t like doing the same thing twice so the creative writing focus with Y6 pupils from Southcoates Primary was ‘Quest.’  Here, one group share their ideas with the rest of the class. I wish I’d taped some of the  descriptions for you – they were so imaginative and well articulated.















The hat that could not be resisted! Kay and I only popped in to Loved Again Vintage because we had a bit of time to spare between sessions. ‘Oh, I like that hat,’ said Kay.

‘So do I,’ I replied. ‘Heaps!’














Beware of taking librarians into shops – they’re a bad influence!

me hat













It’s a gorgeous piece of Sandra Philipps’ millinery, though, you’ve got to admit! I will always think of it as my ‘Hull Hat.’




Oooh! So do I,’


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  1. Bethany jones

    Hi my name is bethany I love your football books i really in joyed your visit to our school bye bye

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