The Police Act of 1861 was repealed

A very pleasant thought. But seems everyone who has replied has an issue with the cost to either house a prisoner or put him to death. This is my solution, this practice takes place in China and more then likely N. Flight rules say that the station must be moved out of the way in response to a yellow threshold object unless such a move results in a mission impact “Like, if we do the burn, we going to miss an opportunity to launch a Soyuz, for instance,” explains Parris. “Do we delay the Soyuz, or do we do the maneuver?” A “red” threshold is assigned to any collision with a likelihood of between 1 (in other words, absolutely certain) and 1 in 10,000. Flight rules are more strict for maneuvers in response to red threshold objects: the station is always moved for a red threshold object, regardless of mission impact, unless a maneuver represents more risk than not maneuvering (for example, if there a piece of equipment that damaged on the ISS and a maneuver would exacerbate that damage).”This doesn help in the case of meteor showers, where the Earth is travelling through a zone full of small debris, typically caused by the trail of a comet.

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