Glorious Gateshead

So yesterday’s author visit was north – always a good thing. I was in Gateshead this time, having been recommended to Gateshead Library Services after my event delivering the Premier League Reading Stars scheme at St James’ Park back in January.

Well, I’m happy to say it was another good ‘un! First of all I met Y5 from Emmavale Primary school at Crawcrook Library. They’d been well prepared for the talk by Margaret at the library (sorry to be so informal, M, – I didn’t catch your surname). Margaret had loaned each pupil one of my Girls FC titles to read and write a review to bring with them. Not only that, she’d photocopied a picture of the cover for them to stick on a star rating chart in the library. Margaret goes in to my hat for ‘librarian of the year award’ for sure!













Emmavale Primary School’s Girls FC reviews – thank you all for taking the time to read the books and complete the book reviews. I hope you’ll all go and give Margaret a big hug or, better still, borrow more books from the library.

After Crawcrook it was on to Gateshead Central Library. Wow! This epitomises what a town library should be like. Originally a Carnegie Library, it has been sympathetically extended and modernised to include a café, Tourist Information desk, an auditorium with theatre-style seating and an extensive DVD and music section. Best of all, it was full of  Margarets – librarians who go the extra mile to ensure children and schools get the best from their library experience. Let’s give it up for Lynne, Christine and Sue!

gateshead l



A section of the children’s borrowing area at Gateshead  Central Library. This is where I performed from when I met ever such enthusiastic pupils and staff from Corpus Christi. The pupils were brilliant at recommending reads for my character Bradley, the Reluctant Reader of all Reluctant Readers. Ace or what?

The final session was held in the auditorium where I met Y5&6 from what I was told was THE football mad school of the area – Brighton Avenue Primary . For a school in the North-East of England, that’s going some. Past pupils include Paul Gascoigne and Andy Carroll. Judging by the Head It, Catch It game I played at the beginning, there’ll be a few more stars going through Brighton Avenue’s gates, too.

Phew! I’ve got a fortnight’s break until the next visit. I’m hoping to finish a new book I’m working on by then and blog about some others I’ve been reading. Back soon!





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2 Responses to Glorious Gateshead

  1. sharon

    my daughter is reading your series of girls fc book but i am having great difficulty getting books 9 – 12. please can you give us an idea of where to go. thanks

    • I’m so sorry, Sharon; it breaks my heart but the books are out of print now. I believe you can get the e-book versions but not paperback. Book 12 should still be available, though, as it was the most recently published. Have you tried the Walker Books website?