Usworth Colliery Primary School, Washington Tyne and Wear

I have been so lucky lately. Every school visit I have been on has been terrific. The one on Wednesday was a belter. Usworth Colliery Primary School is home to over three hundred lively, imaginative and friendly pupils. The teachers weren’t bad, either. This was a school, like Spalding Parish, that had really prepared for their author visit. The children came into the hall clutching questions. They had all checked out my website. Some even knew how to pronounce my last name. Miraculous

There was such a positive atmosphere at Usworth. The walls throbbed with it. It was obvious from the pupils’ attitude that the ethos of the school prayer, peeling slightly on the hall wall, was  fully embraced:












‘Many hearts make a school.’ 

And talk about keen readers. Wow! These kids buzzed with books. They all had their favourites and talked about them with passion. David Walliams appears to be rapidly taking over from Jeff Kinney but Roald Dahl is still a favourite.















Nathan in Y6 argued his case for David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny as the best title to get friends who don’t like reading interested in books.

What also impressed me about Usworth – and this doesn’t happen enough – is that the teachers were willing to abandon their planned lessons to harness the excitement and enthusiasm I built up in my session. 3SM produced a whole booklet of ghost stories before lunch  based on The Worst Ghost of All. Respect!














Exclusive preview of The Haunted School ©3MS

So a huge thank you to Ms Pegman and everyone at Usworth Colliery Primary School. You were reet canny lads and lasses!















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  1. Hi Helena,

    I just wanted to extend our sincere thanks for visiting our school. The children and staff had an absolutely fantastic day and I am so pleased to hear that you did too! We look forward to welcoming you back sometime soon.

    Miss Pegman