Glorious Gateshead

So yesterday’s author visit was north – always a good thing. I was in Gateshead this time, having been recommended to Gateshead Library Services after my event delivering the Premier League Reading Stars scheme at St James’ Park back in January. iphone 8 nomad case Well, I’m happy to say it was another good ‘un! First of all I met Y5 from Emmavale Primary school at Crawcrook Library. 8 plus iphone case disney They’d been well prepared for the talk by Margaret at the library (sorry to be so informal, M, – I didn’t catch your surname). Margaret had loaned each pupil one of my Girls FC titles to read and write a review to bring with them. Not only that, she’d photocopied a picture of the cover for them to stick on a star rating chart in the library. Margaret goes in to my hat for ‘librarian of the year award’ for sure! reviews                       Emmavale Primary School’s Girls FC reviews – thank you all for taking the time to read the books and complete the book reviews. iphone 7 plus personalised silicone case I hope you’ll all go and give Margaret a big hug or, better still, borrow more books from the library. After Crawcrook it was on to Gateshead Central Library. iphone 8 case gold glitter Wow! This epitomises what a town library should be like. Originally a Carnegie Library, it has been sympathetically extended and modernised to include a cafĂ©, Tourist Information desk, an auditorium with theatre-style seating and an extensive DVD and music section. Best of all, it was full of Margarets – librarians who go the extra mile to ensure children and schools get the best from their library experience. Let’s give it up for Lynne, Christine and Sue! gateshead l     A section of the children’s borrowing area at Gateshead Central Library. This is where I performed from when I met ever such enthusiastic pupils and staff from Corpus Christi. newt phone case iphone 6 The pupils were brilliant at recommending reads for my character Bradley, the Reluctant Reader of all Reluctant Readers. Ace or what? The final session was held in the auditorium where I met Y5&6 from what I was told was THE football mad school of the area – Brighton Avenue Primary . For a school in the North-East of England, that’s going some. Past pupils include Paul Gascoigne and Andy Carroll. Judging by the Head It, Catch It game I played at the beginning, there’ll be a few more stars going through Brighton Avenue’s gates, too. Phew! I’ve got a fortnight’s break until the next visit. I’m hoping to finish a new book I’m working on by then and blog about some others I’ve been reading.


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  1. sharon

    my daughter is reading your series of girls fc book but i am having great difficulty getting books 9 – 12. please can you give us an idea of where to go. thanks

    • I’m so sorry, Sharon; it breaks my heart but the books are out of print now. I believe you can get the e-book versions but not paperback. Book 12 should still be available, though, as it was the most recently published. Have you tried the Walker Books website?