Super Spalding!

Well, I began the week with a great author visit and I finished it with one. more case iphone 6 Yesterday entailed meeting head teacher Mr Rushton and staff and pupils at Spalding Parish C of E Day School. This large primary school in the middle of Lincolnshire gave me a huge, warm welcome and even let me loose on their new library. I got to cut the yellow ribbon and everything! spald   Signing books afterwards in the new library. slim battery case iphone 6 Look at those shelves waiting to be filled! photo ©KimBird The whole day was fun but I think my abiding memory will be of the children entering the hall for assembly, class by class, singing. It was like a scene from the Sound of Music, or would have been if the Von Trapp family had 450 children. iphone 7 plus 360 case white Wonderful!   spal3                 Role play in the hall – my famous Twiglet story never gets old! Photo©KimBird spal2                     The famous Twiglet role play again – remind me to tell you abut it one day photo ©KimBird I wish all author visits were as good as Spalding Parish’s – I’d be a happy bunny. real leather iphone 7 case Five stars, SPCED.


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  1. Y3EW


    Thank you again for a wonderful day on Friday. My class thoroughly enjoyed all of your sessions and have already taken on board some of the things you were showing and discussing with them. Unfortunately, not all of my class were able to ask their questions so I promised that I would pass them on to you so here they are:-

    1. When did you start writing books?
    2. Which book are you most proud of?
    3. What is your favourite book?
    4. What is it like writing stories?

    Thank you.


    • Hello, Y3EW! Thank you all for your brilliant feedback. I’ll reply to these questions as soon as I get back from Gateshead on Wednesday. 🙂

    • Hello Y3EW – me again. Here are my answers to your questions.
      1. I started writing books after I’d had my daughter. I was in my 30s, so a late starter. I had been writing short things before then – mainly creative writing bits and pieces for the classes I taught.
      2. I’m proud of all my books – every single one.
      3. I don’t have one favourite book but I always enjoy Morris Gleitzman’s work.
      4. It is a strange feeling, writing stories. Sometimes I am fully immersed and unaware of what is going on outside my head. Like anything creative, it gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction to know you have created something all by yourself. Everyone needs to do something creative every day.

  2. Kim Bird

    What a fantastic and inspiring day that we all enjoyed, thank you! Such a positive visit for the children and staff. Photographs are on the way 🙂

  3. Helena you are so kind! We could not have asked for anyone better to conduct our author visit, the resounding feedback is really positive and you too deserve five stars. We are delighted to hear you enjoyed how we come into the hall for collective worship/assembly as we believe it should be a positive experience as we come together as a whole community. I am sure Miss Bird will be on the case with the photographs and they will be with you very soon. We look forward, after such a positive author visit, to hosting more!! We will continue to follow your visits and we hope to invite you back again, so keep up the great writing as we look forward to reading even more of your books.

  4. Y3EW


    Thank you for answering our questions we really appreciate it :-).