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Captain Precious: Part 3

Part 3 of a story written by pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Harwich, with additional stitching together (in blue) by yours truly… amazon iphone 8 plus case         Part 3: Burned Toes and Acid Lakes The smell of Fabreeze was everywhere, enveloping my surroundings in a dense, cloying fog. Coughing […]

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Captain Precious part 2

Today’s instalment of Captain Precious is brought to you by Harry and Theo of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Harwich.         The story so far: John Precious is heartbroken at the death of his father in the SS Berlin disaster but the sea is the only way he knows how to make […]

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Baby Football Fan

I am proud to announce the newest addition to the Helena Pielichaty backlist is now available in the shops. Well, ‘shop’ to be precise – it’s a niche product, this one. This shop is no ordinary shop; you won’t find it on every high street in England. To visit this shop you have to visit […]

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School Visit: Bishop King C of E Primary, Lincoln

I can always tell what sort of day I’m going to have within two minutes of arriving at a school. The first thing the secretary said when I signed in at Bishop King C of E Primary was that my cheque was ready. Oh, how that warmed the heart. iphone 7 plus case cheap A […]


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National Civil War Centre, Newark-upon-Trent

Newark in Nottinghamshire is a market town on the River Trent, steeped in history. King John died in the castle there in 1216 and William Gladstone, prime minister four times during Queen Victoria’s reign, was its MP in 1832. However, it’s Newark’s role in the Civil War that made the greatest impact on the town […]

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Pageturners & Whatever It Takes

I had another two super events this week. On Tuesday I was part of the Pageturners Festival 2015 organised by Kirklees Library Services. I had a fabulous reception from Y7 pupils at Mirfield Free Grammar & VI Form School in the morning, who put up with me banging on about books despite my sniffles and […]

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Highfield Priory, Fulwood, Lancashire

I spent a super morning with pupils at Highfield Priory Independent School in Fulwood, near Preston, on Wednesday. The main school building is a rather imposing large Georgian/early Victorian house that once probably (I say probably because I can’t find a specific history so I’m guessing) belonged to one of the affluent industrialists in the […]


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Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a… library?

Oh heck! And here was me thinking I’d start 2015 off quietly. On January 1st, while nibbling away at a chocolate Santa, I idly responded to this tweet from Essex Schools Library Services on ‘Essex’s smallest library in Arkesden?’: I replied that the telephone box was a quirky use of space but that it wasn’t, […]


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Captain Precious – the final instalment

Background: Last Monday (April 29th) I visited St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Harwich. I worked with a group of 12 pupils in perfect isolation in their cosy library at the back of the school. In the morning we drew desert islands and then I told them the true story of the SS Berlin, a […]

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Good luck, Lionesses

How brilliant is it that the England Women’s football team (ranked 6th) has reached the semi-final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada! They play Japan just after midnight (BST). I have to admit I wasn’t hopeful that they’d survive the group stage after their opening match against France but they’ve battled through and […]

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