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Did I tell you about my exciting start to 2017? I’ve only gone and become a publisher, haven’t I?  Only a teeny-tiny one, specifically for one title but hey – full marks for enterprise, right?  I have called myself  Pinksy Press and the website is over here: Pinksy Press. It’s a micro site to promote Baby Football Fan – My First Year. My son Joe designed it and I think it’s  excellent. He used Persona as a template as it was quick and easy but also quite funky. Thanks Joe!

So, what’s the story?

Back in 2015 I designed a bespoke baby record book for Huddersfield Town. Unfortunately it was quite expensive to produce on my limited budget so Mandy Stanley, the illustrator, and I worked on a more generic template for future editions with other clubs. The idea was the cover will be changed to suit the club but most of the insides would be the same. These are called ‘common inners.’ It’s like when bakers bake a birthday cake. The sponge mix is delicious for all customers but when requested, the baker can add icing and decorations of your choice. You want chocolate on top? You get chocolate on top. Sprinkles?  Here are your sprinkles, hun.

Now, when Mandy Stanley made our cake – I mean book – the common inners were so uncommonly brilliant we decided we could put the book out there as it was. It didn’t need chocolate or sprinkles – it was perfect. This makes Pinksy Press is Baby Football Fan – My First Year great for any fan of any football club. Genius!

Tell me more about baby record books?

OK. When you were a baby did your parents fill out a record book for you? You know, recording all those important milestones like how much you weighed when you were born, what your first words were, how cute you looked in those Finding Nemo wellies?

Well, Baby Football Fan is like that only as well as space for all those key details, it has pages dedicated to what was happening in the family’s favourite football team that year, too. Where they were in the league the day you were born and who the manager was – things like that.











I think you’ll agree it’s a cracking idea so if you know anyone who is having a baby and loves football, Baby Football Fan makes a perfect baby shower gift. If they don’t like football… not so much!








  • Baby Football Fan comes in a choice of two glossy hardback covers, one for white babies, one for black babies
  • It’s great for fans of all teams – men’s and women’s
  • It’s suitable for all families – traditional and non-traditional (mums and dads, mums and mums, dads and dads)
  • And it’s only £11.99 for 32 pages of gorgeousness.

Hi Five!

Buy from Amazon

But you’re still writing fiction books for children aren’t you, Helena?  Please say yes.












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