Dear Millicent Fawcett (Suffragist)

Dear Millicent Fawcett,

First of all, huge congratulations on becoming a statue! And in Parliament Square, of all places. How does it feel to be immortalized in bronze? You were on a postage stamp once, too, but a statue – well, that’s a real mark of recognition, isn’t it? It took long enough – I mean, you’ve been dead since 1929 – but better late than never. Kudos to Caroline Criado Perez for campaigning so long to get the statue commissioned and three cheers to sculptor Gillian Wearing for her inspiring design.

I thought you might like to know about my book character, Megan Fawcett, as I named her after you. Megan is strong, brave and determined – just like you. When she couldn’t get into the school football team she set up her own girls’ team.  Although she doesn’t realize it, Megan is a natural leader. She fair-minded, doesn’t judge others and sticks up to what she thinks is right.  She really cares about her teammates. When Holly (Who Ate All the Pies?) is feeling upset because girls on the opposite team have made fun of her size, Megan comforts her and apologises for not being a better captain. When Jenny Jane steals from the women’s changing rooms, Megan tackles her (literally) but comes to see that this angry, sullen little girl hasn’t had the same opportunities she had had and can be helped through sport and friendship. Megan learns the value of patience (Is and Own Goal Bad? & Do Shinpads Come in Pink? ) and how to make difficult decisions (Here We Go). Best of all she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to tackle sexism head-on, even if that means confronting adults (Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?) – which is pretty brave for a nine-year-old. All in all I think you’d like Megan Fawcett as much as I do.

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