World Cup 2018

It’s here! The 2018 World Cup! Did you see the Portugal v Spain match? Wasn’t it amazing – a ‘classic clash’ as the Guardian called it.

Tonight England play their first qualifying match against Tunisia. There’s lots of talk about how sad it is there won’t be many England fans in the stadium to cheer the team on. Well, I guess if supporters are repeatedly told to stay away in case they’re targeted by Russian thugs, that’s the result.  It’s much safer (& cheaper) watching at home, although nothing like the experience of being at the real event.  I’m preparing for the match by visiting Y5 Hightown Junior, Infant & Nursery School today to kick off their Sports Week.  Hello Y5!  I trust you’ve got the red carpet Hoovered for me?

Apart from watching the matches on TV there are so many World Cup activities for everyone to participate in. For example, Tom Palmer is doing his World Cup day-by-day story in association with the Literacy Trust called ‘Defenders’. Get downloading – it’s free and a creative way to follow the footy.  Check out your local library or bookshop to see if they’ve got anything lined up, too.

I keep seeing reading lists about football various  publishers and websites have compiled. It’s great many lists, such as this one by TeachWire, include my Girls FC series, too. Thank you!

So, enjoy the football. Enjoy reading about football. And if you don’t like football, there’s so much else out there, such as this Tolkien exhibition in Oxford or the Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge.  Now, where’s my rattle…


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