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Wahoo! Walker Books have printed a special edition set of the first six Girls FC books for traders such as the Book People. The RRP (recommended retail price) is £36 but the designated outlets are charging only £6.99. That’s right – £6.99 – only £1 more than an individual title! That’s a mighty discount. The covers and blurb are slightly different in the package than the better-quality individual ones but the real bonus is that book 5 and 6 are included in the set. Book 5 (Who Ate All the Pies?) and book 6 (What’s Ukrainian for Football?) aren’t available elsewhere. 

‘Who Ate All the Pies’ is Holly’s story.  It is set at the end of season one when everyone is getting ready for the awards night. Who will win Parrs Player of the Year?  Holly reckons she doesn’t stand a chance. The able- defender is self-conscious about her weight and thinks this will count against her in the voting. ‘Who Ate All the Pies?’ deals with the sensitive issue of body image and looks at how all sports people are different shapes and sizes. It’s a book I enjoyed writing very much and I know many readers have it as their favourite in the series. Cover by Eglantine Ceulemans

What’s Ukrainian for Football? is Nika’s story. I enjoyed writing this, too. I know I’m supposed to enjoy writing all my books, and I do, obviously, but some ‘stay’ with you long after you’ve finished writing them and this is one of them. What’s Ukrainian for Football? was the first fiction book I’d written that’s based on true events.

Nika’s family have come from Ukraine to look after their elderly relative, Uncle Stanislav. Uncle Stan moved to England after World War Two (1939-1945). When Nika attends the summer tournament with the Parrs U11s, one of the girls, Jenny-Jane, is belligerent towards her. ‘My dad says your sort are taking all the best jobs…’ Jenny-Jane also mocks the Ukraine as a nation that has never won anything in football. On hearing what Jenny-Jane has said, Uncle Stan is furious. ‘Tell her about the match I saw when I was a boy,’ he instructs Nika. ‘Tell her about FC Start...’ 

In the end, Jenny-Jane is apologetic and even gives Nika her new boots, which are too big for her but that fit Nika perfectly. The fact that the boots are stolen leads to the next story (So What if I Hog the Ball?)

Cover design Eglantine Ceulemans

So, there’s a bargain to be had! The set is a cheap way of stocking a school library as well as a great gift (even if I do say so myself) for any footy-loving 7-11 year old girl or boy. Link to Book People page here.

ISBN 978 1 4063 88138 

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