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New football season

How did your team do last week? Or do you support someone in the Premier League, so your first match is tomorrow?  I went to the opening match of Huddersfield Town v Brentford and it was excellent. Apart from winning 2-1 (a novelty for us – we rarely win our opening matches) everything about the […]

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March 5th World Book Day

This is the week schools, bookshops and libraries everywhere are gearing up to celebrate World Book Day  .   I’ll be spending it in Huddersfield again this year with the Huddersfield Town Foundation. The Town Foundation is a charity which raises money to support breakfast clubs throughout the Kirklees area.       Obviously I can’t cover all the […]

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World Book Day – Huddersfield here I come!

I’ve got a school visit with a difference for World Book Day this year. I’m a prize! As you may recall, I was invited to be a patron of the Huddersfield Town Foundation back in October. iphone x case butterfly Now, unlike the other patrons, I can’t play cricket (Andy Gale) or cycle for England […]

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World Cup 2014

In case you missed it because you live on a desert island or you hate football (in which case, you might want to Google another writer but please come back after July 13th) – England kick off their World Cup campaign in Brazil tonight at 11.00 pm.  Meanwhile, publishers and book people have been going all out with World Cup 2014 […]

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Brand new Girls FC story

I bring you double cartwheel-worthy news! I am writing a brand new Girls FC story. This one won’t be in paperback form but will be part of the Premier League Reading Stars package schools can buy. My story (as yet untitled and unfinished) will be available to download in instalments, designed to be read out […]


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We’re on our way to Wembley…

Forget the Champions League and EURO2012. There’s only one big football match this season and it’s Huddersfield Town versus Sheffield United at Wembley on May 26th. Whoever wins will be promoted to the Championship in the npower League. That’s only one down from the Premiership. Bring it on! Now, for fans of both Yorkshire teams that […]


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Poor old England!

    After a thrilling game that went to extra time and a penalty shoot out England lost to France in the quarter finals of the World Cup. Even more of a shock was Germany losing to Japan. That wasn’t meant to happen! Read my fuller blog on

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‘Utter tripe’ ‘ban it now’ and other sound reviews…

Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? Writers love nothing more than receiving a review. It doesn’t even have to be a fantastic review – just a few lines in a magazine will do. It makes their day and any writer who says they don’t care whether they get reviewed or not is a big fat fibber. At […]

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Why reading really matters and I’m not even kidding…

In case you can’t read the text on Posy Simmonds’ clever cartoon, the little girl is bringing her fellow train passengers up to speed with her Harry Potter book:  ‘… but see, they aren’t really them…they’ve just changed into them, cos they took the magic Polyjuice potion… so Harry becomes Crabbe, Ron becomes Goyle and […]

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Which football teams do children’s writers support?

As you might have guessed by now, I support Huddersfield Town AFC, as does Patrick (Star Trek) Stewart and David (The Damned United) Peace. Michael Hardcastle MBE, one of the earliest children’s authors to write football stories, is also a Town fan. To be honest – and this is a daring revelation – it would […]

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