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March 5th World Book Day

This is the week schools, bookshops and libraries everywhere are gearing up to celebrate World Book Day  .   I’ll be spending it in Huddersfield again this year with the Huddersfield Town Foundation. The Town Foundation is a charity which raises money to support breakfast clubs throughout the Kirklees area.       Obviously I can’t cover all the […]

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Review: Berth by Natalie Scott

I discovered this slim volume of poetry by Natalie Scott on the Society of Authors‘ bookshelf. I was drawn to the blues of the cover and the startling image of the iceberg (Twibill Design, Cork).                                 Cover design of Berth […]

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The best start to a writer’s day…

… is a cup of tea. It’s the first thing I do. I put the kettle on in the kitchen then pad round to my study to boot up the computer. By the time I’ve done that, the kettle’s boiled and I’m ready to mash (as they say in Yorkshire) or brew (as they say […]


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Matti’s mesostic poem…

Matti is a Y3 pupil at Ysgol Esgob Morgan. He’s been writing to me all through half-term and I love hearing from him. Here’s his mesostic poem; bet you can’t guess what Matti’s favourite TV programme is?   tennanT Aliens contRols Daleks lIghts Sounds by Matthew image from brassandglass.wordpress.


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The Poets of Esgob Morgan

Do you remember that I told you I’d been made Patron of Reading at Ysgol Esgob Morgan Juniors in St Asaph? Well, some of the Y3s responded to my blog on mesostic poems and have written their own: Dancing rOtating roUnd suGary squasHy amaziNg sUperb tasTe by Billy   drIps Cornet honEy peaCh cRunchy lEmon […]


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Julia Donaldson the new Children’s Laureate

Congratulations to Julia Donaldson who was announced as the Children’s Laureate for 2011-2013 this week. Even though I voted for Alan Gibbons she’s a good choice, I think. Her contribution to children’s literature is outstanding. To have written a classic (The Gruffalo) is a commendation enough but her manifesto for her laureatship is impressive too. […]


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To say that the country of Ukraine has undergone many changes is an understatement. Its history has been defined by its geography, overshadowed as it is by its neighbours of Russia to the east, Germany and Poland to the west and the once mighty Turkish Empire to the south. However it was the Vikings who […]

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Branston Community College, Lincoln

creative minds at work What better way to spend a wet Monday afternoon in March than with a group of receptive, keen and thoroughly pleasant Y7s?  Their English teacher, Ms Andrew, had invited me in as a reward to the group for raising money for charity by doing a ‘Readathon.’  I quite liked being a […]


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Schools’ Exhibition at Rufford Abbey

I went to a really inspiring exhibition at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire on Friday (12th Feb). The exhibition was the end result of a project involving various secondary schools who were asked to explore ideas about what their ideal new school would be like. At the entrance was this colourful wall of ribbons (left), an […]

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As a writer, I am sometimes asked by journalists, publishers or bloggers to list my favourite things. Books, films, paintings and so on. I always find this difficult, if not impossible. How can I name one painting out of all the amazing works of art that exist, for example? Besides, my answer fluctuates from mood […]

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