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World Book Day – Huddersfield here I come!

I’ve got a school visit with a difference for World Book Day this year. I’m a prize! As you may recall, I was invited to be a patron of the Huddersfield Town Foundation back in October. iphone x case butterfly Now, unlike the other patrons, I can’t play cricket (Andy Gale) or cycle for England […]

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World Book Day part 2: questions from Hillside Primary

Note to self: Stop setting challenges where you promise to give a book as a reward to anyone who meets that challenge. Either that or face bankruptcy. ‘I’ll give away a copy of ‘Football Mad’ to anyone who asks a question I’ve never been asked before,’ I glibly told the teachers at Hillside Primary School […]

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Usworth Colliery Primary School, Washington Tyne and Wear

I have been so lucky lately. Every school visit I have been on has been terrific. The one on Wednesday was a belter. Usworth Colliery Primary School is home to over three hundred lively, imaginative and friendly pupils. The teachers weren’t bad, either. This was a school, like Spalding Parish, that had really prepared for their […]


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East Garforth Primary School, W. Yorkshire

I had a special school visit yesterday. iphone 6 batman case A few months ago I posted a blog called ‘Who do you think you are? On it, I wrote about finding a newspaper clipping from my great great grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary and how it mentioned my great great grandad had left school c. […]


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Matti’s mesostic poem…

Matti is a Y3 pupil at Ysgol Esgob Morgan. He’s been writing to me all through half-term and I love hearing from him. Here’s his mesostic poem; bet you can’t guess what Matti’s favourite TV programme is?   tennanT Aliens contRols Daleks lIghts Sounds by Matthew image from brassandglass.wordpress.


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School Visit: Sir Jonathan North Community College

I spent the morning in Leicester yesterday with Y7 and Y8s at Sir Jonathan North Community College. It was great. Authors know they’re going to have a good visit when the librarian has gone to the trouble of mounting a board full of pictures and biographical details about them and has plenty of books available for pupils to borrow […]


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School Visits for Beginners

It’s been a busy few days. It seems when I’m not actually visiting schools I’m talking about visiting schools!  I was in London yesterday with fellow children’s writers Dianne Hofmeyr and Bali Rai at Society of Authors HQ. Our mission: to give tips on author visits to writers who haven never done them before. To find out […]

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Barkston and Syston C of E Primary and the rivers of blood…

School visits. They’re tiring 🙁 They prevent me from writing 🙁 They take me miles from home, on motorways I don’t want to be on 🙁 but… …I still love them! 😀 I love meeting the children and talking to them about reading and books and stories and ideas. I love meeting the teachers and librarians who nurture the […]


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Selby High School

   First of all apologies for the late posting of this blog. It was thundering and lightning all evening so I daren’t switch on my computer. That’s how they die! Trust me, I’ve learned that one from experience. The other thing I’ve learned from experience is that I can tell what sort of a school […]

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City of Leicester College

I’d forgotten the joy that is teaching in a mobile classroom at the height of summer!  I felt so sorry for the Gifted and Talented groups I met today having to sit through the whole day in the oppressive heat. Nevertheless I think I sparked some interest in my Girls FC series and woman’s football […]

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