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Problems viewing my blogs?

I’m aware some search engines are not displaying my blogs and website properly. Opening in Edge is OK but Google Chrome and Safari are not. Pictures don’t display and the side bars are corrupted. Please bear with me until we sort out the issue. Meanwhile, open in Microsoft Edge. Thank you for your patience.

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No Outsiders

‘There are no outsiders in our school.’ Back in the days of yore, when whiteboards were black and operated by a hand-held device called chalk, I was a teacher. I taught in primary schools, middle schools and secondary schools. I left after twenty years (seven full-time, the rest part-time or supply) when my writing career […]

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Yay! Lionesses through to the semi-finals

I hope you were all watching the Big Match on TV last night. You know, the one where England beat Norway 3-0 in the France 2019 Women’s World Cup. Wasn’t it fantastic? Did you see Ellen White’s first goal? And the way the captain, Steph Haughton, covered in goal to prevent Norway scoring after Karen […]

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Girls FC gift set

Wahoo! Walker Books have printed a special edition set of the first six Girls FC books for traders such as the Book People. The RRP (recommended retail price) is £36 but the designated outlets are charging only £6.99. That’s right – £6.99 – only £1 more than an individual title! That’s a mighty discount. The […]

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January Kickaround

I’m stoked that ‘Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?’ is featured in the January (issue 7) edition of Kickaround magazine, an offshoot of When Saturday Comes. Thank you to Walker Books for getting the book included and good luck to the team at Kickaround – I hope the magazine is a huge success. Check out the other […]

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Red Line Book Festival here I come

I’m looking forward to appearing at the Red Line Book Festival next week. Apart from the fact it is being held in one of the greatest cities in the world – Dublin – and hosted by the greatest people in the world – librarians – I get to meet two authors for the first time. […]

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BAME Characters in Children’s Books

A recent study called ‘Reflecting Realities’ by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) found that of all the children’s books published last year in the UK (9,115), only 4% featured characters from a BAME (Black or minority ethnic) background. This is a remarkably low figure, given that the report also states that 32% of […]

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Great School Libraries Campaign

We didn’t have a school library at my junior school. We had teachers who read to us (Stig of the Dump, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe being two books I vividly remember) but  actual books that I could take home to read came from across the road at Garforth Library. We’re not talking about […]

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News just in: Top Retailer Stocks Book by Top Author

So there I was looking for a new kettle in Sainsbury’s when guess what? I only spotted ‘Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? on a World Cup book display (I think such displays are called ‘dump bins’ – I don’t know why – it’s not like the books are just dumped there, right?). Anyway, I’m over the […]

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World Cup 2018

It’s here! The 2018 World Cup! Did you see the Portugal v Spain match? Wasn’t it amazing – a ‘classic clash’ as the Guardian called it. Tonight England play their first qualifying match against Tunisia. There’s lots of talk about how sad it is there won’t be many England fans in the stadium to cheer […]

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