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Record crowd at Women’s FA Cup Final 2018

It was great to see the attendance at the Women’s FA Cup Final on 5th May was a record-breaking 45,423. That’s a massive achievement considering attendance had slumped to 4,988 in 2013.Someone on Twitter sneered that he didn’t see what all the fuss was about – Wembley was still only half full and the FA […]

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Dear Millicent Fawcett (Suffragist)

Dear Millicent Fawcett, First of all, huge congratulations on becoming a statue! And in Parliament Square, of all places. How does it feel to be immortalized in bronze? You were on a postage stamp once, too, but a statue – well, that’s a real mark of recognition, isn’t it? It took long enough – I […]

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Patron of Reading 6 years on

May saw the 6th anniversary of the Patron of Reading initiative.  Of all the reading ventures and ideas around, Patron of Reading has to be one of the easiest, cheapest and most rewarding to initiate. The genius idea of headteacher Tim Redgrave of teaming up a school with its own author has grown and grown. […]

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Bookshop signing Saturday May 26th

Bookshops come in many shapes and sizes. Some are vast, ultra modern spaces covering several floors, others are small and quirky with fusty smelling rooms and books piled waist-high in random places. There’s one in Retford, Nottinghamshire, that’s a wee bit different from all the rest. Called the Barrister’s Book Chamber, it is run by […]

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Match of the Day

I was so chuffed to find ‘Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?’ featured in last week’s issue (8-14th May) of Match of the Day magazine.  I’m in at number 5 of ‘the best new swag’ for that week. It’s great to see what is traditionally a boys’ magazine featuring a book with a girl as the main […]

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Welcome back, Girls FC! We love you!

How terrific is this? Those fabulous people at Walker Books are re-issuing the first 4 titles in my Girls FC series.  Best news of all is that books 1 & 2 ‘Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?’ and ‘Can Ponies Take Penalties?’ are in the shops now. As in NOW THIS ACTUAL MINUTE. You will be awed by […]

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Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers

I was lucky enough to attend the book launch for ‘Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers’ written by Rowena Edlin-White, back in December. The book is 300 pages long and a real labour of love, having taken ten years from conception to publication.  Five Leaves Publications have done a wonderful job and Gillian Ellias’s cover, showing a gilt […]

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Part 2 of The Day Huddersfield Town Beat Manchester United

Part 2 of this almost true story   At half past two, way earlier than normal, Grandma and Grandad decided to take their seats in the stand. Grandma headed for the stairwell but Grandad put his hand on her coat. ‘I think we should do something different.’ ‘How’d you mean?’ Grandma asked. ‘I think we […]

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The Day Huddersfield Town Beat Manchester United – part 1

The Day Huddersfield Town beat Manchester United based on a mainly true story When I was little, my grandparents used to look after me twice a week while my mum and dad were at work. I loved going to their house. It was an old stately home with a long, tree-lined drive leading to the […]


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Empathy Lab and Black Dots

I attended a conference yesterday for Empathy Lab, the new organisation using books to help children understand about empathy. One of the speakers was Prof. Robin Banerjee of the University of Sussex. He’s done a lot of work exploring the impact a lack of empathy can have on children’s social and emotional needs. One of […]

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