Patron of Reading

Background History


A few years ago Tim Redgrave, then the deputy head at Ysgol Esgob Morgan Juniors in St Asaph, Denbighshire, brought his Y6 class to St Asaph Library to hear me give a talk as part of Denbighshire Libraries Book Week. I must have been cooking on gas that day because I made a huge impression, not only on the children, but also on Tim. He never forgot the impact the visit had.

Towards the end of last year (2010), I received an email from Tim, now headteacher at the school, telling me he’d had this idea for promoting and nurturing a love of reading. How about every school having a patron of reading? He wanted to know if I thought that it was a good idea and if so, would I be his school’s first patron? Of course I said yes. What an honour!

What is a patron of reading?




A patron of reading is a school’s special, designated children’s author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. The author might be a writer of fiction, a writer of non-fiction, a poet, storyteller or an illustrator. In our case, tenure lasts for three years but it’s up to the individuals involved. At the end of three years, the school could appoint a new patron, perhaps from a different specialist background.

What does a patron of reading do?

Other schools might have their own ideas about what a patron of reading does; that’s the beauty of it. The title is flexible to suit each author and each school. This is what I did in my first year as patron:

  • Visited the school three times
  • Initiated the Summer Reading Challenge trophy.
  • Wrote a ‘newsletter’ once a term about what I’d been up to, books I’d read etc.
  • Designated space on my website for staff, pupils and parents to leave comments (see below)
  • I donated a copy of my new book to the school library.
  • I wrote to individual pupils who did something outstanding in terms of reading; for example when they won a prize or made amazing progress in their reading.
  • Worked with a group of reluctant readers on a short play (The Boy Who Wouldn’t Read) I wrote especially for them. The group gave me useful feedback and  auditioned classmates for parts in the play. I still use the play when I go on school visits. Download it here from the National Literacy Trust’s website.
  • I shared new ideas I heard about regarding reading, books and libraries, with the staff. Books included Malorie Blackman’s Cloud Busting (recommended to me by Mrs Fowkes) and Gill Lewis’s Sky Hawk (recommended by Mrs Ritchie).

What does the school do?

So far Ysgol Esgob Morgan has:

  • Booked me for school visits.
  • Put  a link to my blog and information about the patron of reading on the school website and in school newsletters.
  • Had a display about me, my writing and my books, in the school library.
  • Sent me fabulous poems some of the classes have written.
  • Had a fun Book Quiz that included all the governers, TAs and staff as well as pupils.
  • Responded to my blogs (responses are from parents, too. It’s important to include them in this).
  • Promoted the patron of reading idea in the Times Educational Supplement and on Reading Zone
  • Used social networking sites such as Twitter to spread the word about the role.
  • Had a visit from the then Wales Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews, to look at the scheme. This was televised on both BBC and ITV Wales News channels (11 January 2013).
  • Bought books I’ve recommended for their library and classroom


What impact has it had on the school?

The patron of reading idea has:

  • Sparked extra interest in reading generally throughout the school.
  • Provided teachers with an added dimension when encouraging reading for pleasure.
  • Given pupils an extra incentive to join in with schemes such as the Summer Reading Challenge In 2012 the school had 100% participation – the first in England and Wales, according to Miranda McKearney, CEO of the reading Agency (to be fair the school already had a high participation rate because of the amazing input from Denbighshire Library Service – the cup just gave them that final push towards glory!)
  • Inspired parents and made them feel included e.g by submitting comments on my blog and writing poetry with their children at home.
  • Boosted the quality of creative writing – even though I haven’t done any creative writing with them as such. Writing produced after my visit in May was described by Tim in the Times Educational Supplement (15th June 2012) as ‘phenomenal.’
  • It has been recognised by inspectors that ‘… as a result of this programme pupils engage in purposeful reading and writing experiences with a professional author. This has improved pupils’ interest in and standards in reading.’ – Estyn April 2013

What is the difference between a Patron of Reading and, say the ‘Adopt an Author’ scheme?

The patron of reading is there to support the school and school’s librarian (if it has one) in creating a  buzz about books. Everything is book and reading related; book quizzes, reviews, discussions, plays, poetry bashes, library visits etc.  Schools who ‘adopt’ an author usually include creative writing. Also ‘adoption’ is more long-term. The patron of reading is a 3-year tenure to allow schools to have a variety of patrons and to allow patrons to have a variety of schools.

Choosing your patron:

Any school thinking of inviting an author(or poet, illustrator, journalist, storyteller)  to be their patron of reading should consider having one with whom there is already a connection. The author doesn’t necessarily have to be local but should ideally be someone the school has already met. It should also be someone for whom the position means something. Tim and I both felt this was important. For me it’s a real honour; I feel cherished and proud to have been selected.

The patron should be professional and have a back list of traditionally published material (not be self-published and/or exclusively in e-book format).  To get the most from the role,  the school needs someone who is not necessarily ‘famous’ but has an established profile, a good track record of school visits and an up-to-date CRB check. An easy-to-navigate website the school can access is also a bonus. However, if a school has links with a newly published author/poet and feels they’re the right ‘fit’ for them, then that’s perfectly acceptable.  Go to the Patron of Reading website for a list of authors available and more details about the scheme.

Financial cost to the school

The school would be expected to pay for any visit the POR makes in the usual way.  A visit at least once a year is advisable so each class builds up a relationship with the patron. Rates vary but the Society of Authors guidelines can be found here.  There should be little additional cost unless you host Skype sessions on top of the visits.  It is important to discuss all this with the patron beforehand so misunderstandings don’t occur.

 How do I find a patron of reading for my school? 

If you are interested in the initiative but have never had an author in your school, try your local Schools’ Library Association or go to websites such as Authors Aloud UK and Scattered Authors’ Society.

A note of caution: Schools should beware of making unrealistic demands of the patron. Sending 200 stories and expecting the author to comment on them individually is beyond the call of duty. Remember, the emphasis is on reading. Likewise, the patron shouldn’t expect their books to have exclusive rights over other authors.  It is advisable all parties  meet with each other first and discuss how you all see the role. It’s crucial all the staff are involved.

The  most important thing to remember is it should be fun for everyone.



 Writers FAQs

Can I be a patron of reading at more than one school?

I’d advise against it as the idea is to make your school feel special. However I suppose if you were POR of two different types of school -i.e. a secondary and a primary, it would be OK. Being POR of a ‘family’ of schools might work too but I’d  be cautious about the extra time having more than one school would take. My gut instinct is a no.

Does being patron of a school mean I can’t visit other schools?

No. School visits are entirely separate from the POR role. By the same token, your POR school can obviously have other creative practitioners visit them.

I’d like to be a patron at a certain school but they haven’t asked me. Shall I approach them?

If you have a good relationship with the school, why not? The initiative is fairly new and they might not know about the idea. However, the central thrust of  the scheme is that it’s the school who should select their author/illustrator etc.

A school has approached me but I don’t really feel it’s the right one for me

What are your reasons for turning down the school? Geographical? Lack of time?  Bad vibes?   If you feel you’d be undervalued or swamped then say no – this is, after all, a purely voluntary initiative and your time is precious. There’s no point agreeing to something you can’t commit to – it isn’t fair on you or the school. If you are hesitating because you were hoping for a ‘better’ school you’re on dodgier ground.  If the school have approached you for the right reasons – i.e. they would value your input and they love your work – then that’s a compliment, isn’t it?  You can always put yourself forward for the preferred school next time round.

Will I be paid?

The role doesn’t come with any remuneration as such – it’s purely voluntary. However, you should charge your usual fee for any visits you make to the school and any out of pocket expenses. Skype calls might also be charged for as they use up writing time.  Personally I haven’t charged my school for postage, phone calls, books I donate, the cost of setting up an exclusive link on my website or responding to children’s questions.  I do claim it all back against tax though.


What about my time? How much will the role eat into my writing?

It’s like anything else writers do outside their actual writing – it all depends how much or little you want to commit. What seems to happen at Ysgol Esgob Morgan is there’s a flurry of activity before and after the visit then it goes quiet for weeks. In between time there may be tweets and replies to children on the blog but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.  If I were asked to do something I considered beyond my remit or didn’t have time to undertake, I’d say so.


Spreading the word

There are now over 100 Patrons of Reading in Great Britain including Michaela Morgan, Nicola Morgan, Joe Craig, Catherine MacPhail, John Dougherty and the 2Steves. Many more writers have stepped forward. If you’d like more information about the patron of reading movement  go to the Patron of Reading website.

patron map





Tim Redgrave proudly shows off his Patrons of Reading


I was Patron of reading at Ysgol Esgob Morgan for four years and thoroughly enjoyed the role. The 2 Steves took over from me in September 2015 and if they have half the fun I had in sharing my love of books and reading with the pupils there, they’re in for a great time.

536 Responses to Patron of Reading

  1. Mrs Ritchie

    It’s such a privilege having you as our Patron of Reading; you’ve already created a busy buzz around our bookshelves. The children love you. As a teacher, it’s totally thrilling to be part of this magical journey, working alongside someone as special as you.

  2. Richard Hatwood

    Great to welcome you in again yesterday – always generates such excitement with the children – great to see how engaged all of the children are in reading – thank you!

  3. Helena Pielichaty

    Here’s the link to some fabulous poems children, staff and parents from Esgob Morgan wrote: Many poems are in the comments section beneath the blog.

  4. Libby williams

    Hi helena in the summer reading I have been reading all of your books I only have to read 2 more books and then I have completed the reading chalinge yessss!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see you again in school. bye

  5. matti

    hello from matthew

  6. phoebe

    I read the magic pony it was very good. and I had another book which was very very good it was called the magic pony club.

  7. lewis

    I read a book called 100 facts about Dogs and puppys. I loved it I did.

  8. Cameron Jones

    hi i have done the reading challenge this year i read time travelling underpants spiderwick a giant problem batman jokers asylum ogre outrage book of very silly poems and simpsons comics meltdown they were great bye

  9. brooke

    hi did you have a good time on holiday?

    • Brooke, it was wonderful. Dubrovnik is really interesting, with lots of small side streets and high walls to explore. The weather was warm and the ice creams were divine. Did you go anywhere?

  10. kyle

    your book goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

  11. Amy hughes

    Hi Helena in the summer holiday i have read 6 book’s in the summer reading challenge i have done it i went to Conwall to see my cosan Meg we went with my mum and dad and my brother we went to a fun fair called Diglles fun fair. ther next day it was my brother’s 12 brithday then we went home and we went out for tea to the bod-erw i had lzanya and i had bnnana split for puddingthen i went home.
    see you later from Amy

    • Wow, Amy – that’s one busy summer. I bet you were full after the lasagne and banana split! Say happy birthday to your brother for me and well done on completing the summer reading challenge. You go girl!

  12. melissa

    i read charlie and the chocolate factory. i liked it.

  13. Jack J

    I loved your book and I read is a own goal bad and I told my Mrs balley and she sed is a own goal bad it is tererbelle

  14. Dom

    hi Helena I have done lots of reading this summer hope we win that cup i read your book is an own goal bad i realy liked it i have completed the summer reading challenge I love reading

  15. wesley

    hi Helena i had 2 football tounaments we lost 1 and we won one i went to the cinimas i wached men in black 3 it was really good and fun iwent to the park with Luke Dom Josh and me wes
    from wes

    • That’s one busy, sporty summer, Wes. Huge congratulations on winning the football tournament – you’d better get on to the Wales coach, quick – they need you. I liked Men in Black 1 but haven’t seen 2 and 3 yet.

  16. Joshua

    in the holadays i compleated the summer reading challenge

  17. cesiah

    We have read some of your books they are amazing. We have read some other aruthers books but they are not as good as yours. We hope you come to the school again.

    from Hannah and Cesiah.
    x x x x

  18. Mrs Ritchie

    Hello Helena
    Dubrovnik looks an amazing place! The children in my new Year 3 class are going to blog you in pairs this afternoon.
    Mrs Ritchie

    hello helena i have finished the summer reading challnge and my name is martha. hi helena i have finished the summer reading challnge and my name is jacob.
    I have two more books to complete the summer reading challenge from Tom

    on the weekends I read SPAiN I Need one more book to complete the summer reading challenge from matt

    • Hi Mrs Ritchie! Hi Martha, Jacob, Tom and Matt. I’m delighted to hear you’ve even taken part in the summer reading challenge, never mind finished it. Get in there!

  19. Shane Yr 4

    I have only 4 books left in summer reading challenge cant wait to see you in October

  20. Tal & Josh Yr 4

    in the summer reading challenge most of us have finished and only a few have just started and hopefuley will finish. Tal. Also I have some favourite books Horible Historys
    they are very good. Josh.

  21. Mrs Ritchie

    On the holiday I red a FOOT BALL BOOK . FROM COLE

    Hi Helena i have been reading books about difrent countrys. FROM JACOB W

  22. matti

    i have just completed the summer r ch……

  23. Hello Helena over the six weeks I have loved reading and taking part in the summer reading challenge and I the best book I’ve read is my war diary by Flossie Albright. It is really good and I really like it because it is a grate book and well detailed about world war two. from Oliver

  24. Hi Helena over the term I have completed the reading challenge I Favourite book was a book called the snake bellied troll by Will Gallows
    from Scott Williams yr 6

  25. matti

    rite I got a new page I mite forget that aim on this blog so try and remind me

  26. Billy

    Hi Helena it’s billy did you look. at the website

  27. Richard Hatwood

    Fantastic to see you today – thank you for being such a great host of the Book Quiz for Staff, was a really enjoyable day by all! Diolch yn fawr! We’ll be posting a link to our ‘Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras?’ soon! Rich!

  28. shannon and travis.

    We enjoyed the book quiz we both thought that Mr Hatwoods team would win.I realy like you for our patron of reading .But mrs richie team won . and mr hatwoods team came secound .And mr redgaves team came third.

  29. Billy Morrell Y4

    hi helana im billy thank you so much for signing my leaflet and my book i am enjoying jades story thank you its amazing the book

  30. ryan and matti

    Hi helena thanks for the signitcher we feel relly happy

  31. Mellisa

    i am mellisa thank you for coming to school and thanks for signing my leaflet i liked the book quiz it was fun thanks

  32. Molly&Tilly

    I loved it when you came to our school yesterday. I loved the staf raeding challge. It was very, very good thank’s for coming.

  33. Hi Helena we had fun yesterday it was well good.That book quiz was amazing! the books where good to it was all cool

    Shane and james

  34. tal and lloyd

    hi Helena we enjoyed yesterday when you came to our school for the staff book quiz it was really fun!

    Tal and Lloyd.

  35. Alfie and travis

    Hi im am alfie and I enjoyed yestoday and fanks for sining my piee of paper it was fun.

  36. Ben and Eryn.

    Yesterday the teachers done a book quiz .1st it was mrs rithchies group.2nd Mr Redgrave’s group and last was Mr Hatwood’s group! Was great to see you Helena! Ben & Eryn.

  37. Phoebe & Brooke

    Hi Helena – was great to see you yesterday, thank you coming to see our class. We are enjoying your book in English – it’s great! From Phoebe & Brooke x

  38. Lucy and lewis

    To helena I wold like to meet you wold you like to come back to st asaph ever one wold like to see you a gen wot is it like at your wild ples come back
    ever one was sad but that was a pessit from lucy and lewis

  39. Henna & Josh

    Hi it’s Henna the book is graet. I love book 2. I can’t wait in til my mum get’s me book 1 love Henna

  40. Emma Safhill

    Hi Helena, just wanted to say how great it was to meet you and thank you for making the book quiz such fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and of course being on the winning team Richie’s Readers was fantastic. I hope to meet you again when you come to school. My daughter Lauren is busy reading Saturday Girl and thinks it’s “well cool”!. Emma x

    • It was great meeting you, too, Emma. The fact that you took time, as a governor of Ysgol Escob Morgan, to participate in the quiz, sends out such a positive message about the patron of reading initiative. Also, tell Lauren she has good taste!

  41. thank you for coming for the teachers book quiz Helena Pielichaty we liked it really much reluctant readers of Rhyl cheated
    hope to see you soon.

    from Leroy and Roan

  42. emily foulkes

    Hi heleina the book that i buyed from you it is so good. From emily

  43. matti

    Emily lewis tal josh phoebe I have just found this page

  44. matti

    I have got tow pages now the poets of esgob morgan and this page

  45. matti

    Helena are you famous

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  47. hi we are from EGPS and we would like to say thank you for the good time evan though we didnt do any writing 😀

  48. Libby Williams

    Hi Helena how are you doing? I am reading Do shinpads come in pink? it is relly good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From LibbyXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXXxXxXxXxXXXXXxXxX

  49. Year 3

    Hi Helena, Here Come the Girls is a very good I love your it because it tells me alot about football Love from Megan

  50. Year 3

    Hello Helena
    Thanks for the book of Giants I liked it when mr Redgrave puld the ear wax out of the giants ear it was funny
    love from Molly XXX

  51. year 5 boys

    the script is going great.

  52. year 5 boys

    the script is going very well

  53. year 5 boys

    The script is going great. Also thanks for the book of giants.

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  55. hello Helena i loved your book here come the girls but it was horrible when girls football teams didn’t earn as much money as boys football teams i think girls should earn half more money as boys teams thank you by x

  56. Hi Helena Pielichaty I love d your book here comes the girls but I think it is not fear because when the girls football team did not earn much money as the boys football. Thank you by x.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I don’t think it’s fair that women players lose their jobs because they are representing their nation at a sport. I don’t think women footballers expect to earn the same as men but they should get a fair wage.

  57. Hi, Helena your new book is amazing but I want to know how did you get all those facts ?

    • Hi Sven,

      I did an awful lot of research – I searched the web, talked to people and interviewed them. The annoying thing was by the time the book came out some of it was out of date. Natasha Dowie plays for Liverpool now instead of Everton.

  58. Hi, Helena your books are great and the facts how did you get all those facts

  59. Hello Helena we have been reading that book here comes the girls. I loved it is was wonderful but it was a bit strage that boys would not let girls play foot ball because we now would let girls play foot ball with the boys because in are day now we would be kind and say do you want to come and play foot ball with us. Helena i really liked your facts and you quiz at the back as well i really enjoyed it. please get back to me from cloe.

    • Hey Cloe,
      I’m pleased you enjoyed ‘Here Come the Girls’ I’m even more pleased you are shocked that boys wouldn’t let girls play football when you all play together these days. Thank you for inviting me to have a game next time I come to school; I’ll have to practice in the back garden!

  60. Hello, Helena we have been reading your book what you gave us I am enjoying the book it is really good I like the title her comes the girls it sounds interesting to read I really liked the facts at the end and quiz thank you from della

  61. Hey Helena we have been reading your book (here come the girls). It is very interesting. I know this is very weird but i like the feel of the book haha. the quiz at the end is a great idea. i would love to read more of these books. i would love to here a reply. bye 🙂

    • Hi Saffron,

      I know what you mean about the feel of the book – it has a smooth finish to it. The book is part of a series called ‘Read ON.’ There are several titles but some might be a little bit old for you. I’ll check them out and get back to you.

  62. Hey Helena I Like girls football it quite in the contents of the book it like impressed i hop you come around tomorrow. bye

  63. ben

    Hello Helena I liked your book it was great I was dissapointed that girls were band from playing football by the men.

  64. hi Helena I liked you book i was disappointed that girls was not loud to play football for 50 years

    • I’m glad you think it’s wrong that girls were banned from playing, Leroy. They wouldn’t do that now, would they? I don’t think anyone would dare

  65. Hi Helena you book is so fascinating and interesting it was terrible to here what they did I think everybody should read your books you make reading better.
    By Oliver

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  67. matti

    i looked on the news Helena i didnt se my self 🙂

    • The cameras didn’t tape the bit with you in the room, Matti. But you had the most important part. When you told Mr Andrews and Mrs Jones about how much more you enjoyed reading they listened and were really impressed. Mr Redgrave and I were both SO proud of you; you were awesome 🙂 🙂

  68. matti

    i saw you and mr redgrave:)

  69. Jenny Ritchie

    It was great to see you today Helena, not once, but twice – I’ve just been watching you on BBC Wales! Every time you visit, the children buzz with excitement and flock around you. We are already looking forward to your next visit. Mrs Ritchie xx

  70. Emma Safhill

    Hi Helena – I loved your reading about Mr. Snoot so much in YEM yesterday – I’ve bought the book to read to my daughters! See you next time you are up xxx

  71. Richard Hatwood

    A great visit on Friday once again, always good laughs, chats and a buzz for reading!

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  73. matti

    i cant stop thinking about 2013 but 2013 here i come

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  75. Year 3

    Hi Helena.Just got letter in the picture of y3 I’m the one in the 2nd row 2nd left.In other picture are you playing a game or something.Girls aloud book is really good did you know that football used to be played with a pigs gut!Uhh and there was no net! from Jacob W

    • Helena Pielichaty

      Hey Jacob. I’m glad the letter arrived. I’m checking out the photo now – dark curly hair? Or fair hair with your mouth open saying ‘Arghhhh!’ I’m made up that you like my football book. Good knowledge on the pig gut, there. Football has changed a lot – red cards weren’t used at the beginning, either.

  76. Year 3

    The book I read this week is called Ellie the Guitar Fairy.It was written by Daisy Meadows.I think you should read this book because I enjoyed the story.I enjoyed it because I play guitar and the story is about Ellie the Guitar Fairy.I like storys about magic because they are fun.Its also a story about fairys,goblins and friendship.My favourite part of the story was when Kirsty and Rachel threw rotten fruit at the goblin because he slipped on a banana and he was covered in rotten fruit.

  77. Year 3

    I will give this book 10 out of 10 because tiger and cat went on abig flying adventure on a dragonfly.

  78. Year 3

    Hi helena this is me Lydia I have got this book from school and im going to tell you what I like about it. It is called Pearl the cloud fairy By Daisy Meadows. I like it because it has a sweet factory. I also like it because there is one cat and three kittins.
    Hope you like it too from Lydia.

    • Helena Pielichaty

      Hi Lydia, The fairy has a sweet factory? Now you’re talking. What could possibly go wrong in a story like that?

      • Year 3

        there was a problem that a goblin fell in the candy rapping machine and had silver raping paper and he got raped up and put in a box.
        by Lydia.

  79. Year 3

    Hi helana
    i love the book you read us called the snooks its awsome.
    do you know the one when the family move house with that freaky guy in the garadge as they call it it ROCKS i mean propper awsome.
    i love your books they rock to for my homework once i did girls fc i loved reading it.
    from FREYA YR 3.

  80. Year 3

    We enjoyed reading the BIG book of giants. This book is about stories about giants. There was a story about a peach boy and he sailed on a boat to fight the giants. at the end of the story he won the fight with some help from three animals he found on his journy. I loved the story because his family got rich after the fight they also gave some to the people in the villige. Thank you for sending the book. by Lydia and Ffion.

  81. Year 3

    Hi helena. this is my book called A bite inside. It is about a computer called code gose wrong a team called team x who are trying to stop code who is trying to shrink the world. a porson called mini marvel who goins Team x. There are 14 worlds to deffete code. there are about 60 around the world. There is a siancetist
    called macro marvel who maked micro world. maxe cat mini and rexe. All of them have veiacals. from Joshua W

  82. Year 3

    Hi Helena. My book is called what a waste.

  83. Year 3

    Hi Helena. Sorry for that last letter but some thing went wrong. Well, my book was called what a waste.The carecter in my book is called mr big .This is what happend in my book .Well, there was mr big having his lunch but then he dropped tomato sauce on his top .Then he put it in the bin. Now that is a waste .
    from chloe

  84. Year 3

    Hi Helena
    I have red frozen with fear by Janice pimm.I liked your book haer cum the girls. in frozen with fear they went to big freeze and ther was a big monster
    that nerliy stud on team x but they srunk ther selfs it was closs.
    by helena you rock
    best wishes molly

  85. Hi Helena, thank you for the last letter that you sent, we love them. We like your book about the history of girls football.
    We are all taking turns to read Simone’s diary and Simone’s letters so hopefully when you come we all would have read them.
    Mrs Dalton has been showing us the book reviews from Scotland; inspired by this we are going to make our own.
    Can’t wait to see you in May!

    • That’s brilliant, Scott. Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad ‘Teen Titles’ inspired you all and I hope Simone makes you laugh. I can’t wait to see you all in May either.

  86. Harry

    Hi Helena, This week I have read some of the Hobbit. I real loved the start of it I found the start I found it real funny and when the dwarfs barged in like thay where expexed. can’t wait to see you in may!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s so brilliant, Harry. I remember reading The Hobbit when I was about Y8 or Y9 and loving it so much. I approve of second breakfasts! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

  87. Mrs Ritchie

    Hello Helena
    I have been reeding The Giant book of Giant’s. I like the 3d giant that fold’s up.
    And I like all of the story’s.Eirawen.

    Hello Helena
    I have been reading star wars books
    my favrat caritre is obione bekurs hes got good
    wepans. I like the book bekurs there’s lots of
    fayting from zakk

    • Hello, you two. Nice to hear from you. I like the giant in the book, too, Eirwan. Maybe we should give him a name?

      Hey, Zakk. I can’t remember the weapons Obeone has in Star Wars. What is it he uses?

  88. Mrs Ritchie

    Hello Helena
    The book i have been reading is Here we go I love it . On world book day i was megan . Do you like the photes of me drest of Megan .
    from Megan

    • Megan, you looked BRILLIANT! Your mum sent me the picture of you on Twitter and Mrs Ritchie sent me a copy. I am going to blog it soon. I love it that you’re called Megan, too, like the character in the Girls FC books. Coolio.

  89. Mrs Ritchie

    Dear Helena
    my favourate book is the story of tracy beaker.
    The aurther is jaculine willson.
    I like Tracy because she is very naughty and bratty
    from Ashleigh.

    Hello helena.
    My favourate book is the magic far away tree. It’s my favourate book because it is unusal. my favourate person is duM dUM DUM!!!! Rick HE IS VERY FUNNY
    From Luke!!!

    • Hello, Ashleigh. I like Tracey Beaker, too. I remember when it came out and I thought, hey, this is a good book!

      Luke, The Magic Faraway Tree is still a favourite, even after all these years. Enid Blyton rocks on!

  90. Mrs Ritchie

    Dear Helene
    my book is corled the shark sub it is abatou a shark sub my BITE is a ockdowpus it is cool ther are cids and they go in the shark sub and 2 cids go for a div and 1
    ov the cids get cort biy the BITE but he gets freey
    from leah

    • Hey Leah, the shark book sounds exciting, especially as it has CDs, too. I saw an octopus close-up in an aquarium last summer; they’re fascinating creatures.

  91. Mrs Ritchie

    Dear Helena
    my favourate book is Harry Potter the chaber of sicruts be cos it funny voldmort danjrus. from Dylan

  92. Mrs Ritchie

    i like your book girl s f c. i like lots of football facts about that book.
    and i like reading. i made my own book at home it is called ben 10 bye Healener
    from Lewis

  93. Mrs Ritchie

    Dear Helena
    Girls f c was a great book all the facts about girls football were well good.
    how was it so popler
    from matthew .

  94. Mrs Ritchie

    I have been reading a 100 grousist fing it has bogis and faorerht book is am not cute from cole

  95. Ellie

    at the moment i am reading horrid henry robs the bank it is really funny also i am reading horrid henry tricks the tooth fairy that is funny aswell.

  96. Josh Morris

    Dear Helena

    we are enjoying Melvin Burgess’s THE COPPER TREASURE. The book is about a group of scavinggers looking for riches I think it is great. Josh

  97. Josh Morris

    Dear Helena

    we are enjoying Melvin Burgess’s THE COPPER TREASURE. The book is about a group of scavinggers looking for riches I think it is great.

    Josh Morris Year 4

  98. michael and tal

    At the moment I am reading horrid henry and the bogey babysitter it’s really good and quite funny as well. have you read any horrid henry books?

    I am reading the witches by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake and i am also reading spy dog superbrain and dinosaur encyclopedia the spy dog is realy good you should read it.

  99. Billy Morrell

    Dear Helena

    I have decided to read a book about loads of liverpool fc’s players managers and the fans.
    The Book I am reading is L.F.C Family Album. The book is awsome
    with a capital AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to read it the past couple of days
    because its stuck in my draw and the draw will not open. In fact the book is the one
    holding up the draw i have tried teaspoon’s, spoons and forks. I feel wierd using them
    to open them. They are supposed to be for eating with.

    Billy Morrell Year 4 11/04/14

  100. dylan blackborow

    Dear Helena
    Today in year three I made a treasure chest to keep all the medals from the summer reading challenges. I got one last year and am really excited about working towards another one this year in the haunted house themed challenge. Please keep up with the good books.
    From Dylan Blackborow
    year three Ysgol Esgob Morgan

  101. Mr Hatwood

    I laughed at that post too Billy!

  102. Harri jones

    Hi Helena it is harri jones from year 6. I know i have not bloged you yet but i have started reading this reall good book called being the gaffter. It is about all the manager and all the trouble they go throw

    If this book was a animal it would be a lion because it is roaringly good.

  103. Harry

    Hi Helena I hve just read Hello Mr Twiddle Loved it when he left his hat on the cows head and he look everywhere for it and it is right infront of him.
    If the book was a animal it would be a mokey because he is a fool.

    • Hi Harry. Wow! That’s another book I haven’t heard. I love the fact you Ysgol Esgob Morgan kids never go for the ‘usual’ books. Aren’t monkeys supposed to be clever, though? Or cheeky – the ones I see at the zoo always are!

  104. Harri T

    Hi Helena, Harri here. The book that I have been reading is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams it is hilarous! It is one of the best books I have ever read. Its about boring grannies who stink of cabage and play scrabble all day but then one of the grannies grandson finds out a big secret!
    If this book was a ice cream flavour it would be sour apple because some of the jokes are so funny the nearly make you cry.
    Right now im reading the boy in the red dress hopefully its just as good as Gansta Granny!
    I will write another review once ive finished the boy in the red dress.

  105. lewis & ciaran

    Thank you of the book we hope to read f.c. for girls

    Hello this is lewis im reading a book called hostage, it is about the army. I am enjoying it.

    • Hi Lewis and Ciaran,
      Can’t wait to see you both next week. Hope you both enjoy the books – Girls FC and Hostage. I’ve got an army book you might like, Lewis – I’ll bring it with me.

  106. Ellie and Shane

    At the moment i am reading simones diary my sister olivia bought it she has read it so i am reading it at home also i am reading here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is great .bye from Ellie P.S SHANE LIKES IT ASWELL

    • Yay! I loved writing Simone’s Diary; I’ll be talking about it with the Y6 next week. Here We Go is good too – I agonised over that book A LOT. Glad Shane likes the stories too – he has good taste.

  107. Billy Morrell

    Dear Helena
    You know I got my book stuck in the draw I got it out. I am so happy. I can read lfc FAMILY ALBUM AGAIN. But it didn’t just take a couple of seconds or minutes. It took ages. I had to get knives, forks and screwdrivers. We had to take the draw apart. The reason i wanted to open it was because my match attax collector binder 12/13 was in there. when we got it open my match attax collector binder wasn’t there it was in my upstairs drawer. I know what your thinking that this drawer wont open and it will start all over again but no it didn’t it was in there and at least it wasn’t my squeaky full to the top drawer next to the one that it was in. It was my ok drawer. YAY SEE YOU LATER
    Billy 26/4/14

    • Billy, I love that your drawer saga has continued! My desk drawers are the same – they get so full that stuff gets stuck and they jam. I’m delighted that you found your Match Attax sticker binder as well as LFC Family Album. That Suarez, eh?? Maybe he could get the drawer open with his teeth next time -ha!

      • Billy Morrell

        Yeah they mite be to sharp

        • Ha! Ha! Glad you managed to rescue your book in the end, Billy – it was worth it, I’m sure

          • Billy Morrell

            Yeah definatly. By the way when you visited school I had a question to ask but you ran out of time. So i will ask you it here. Do you like Liverpool Football Club. Also do you like Match Of The Day and are you a proper massive football fan. And you know last time you visited i gave you the leaflet with the website on. If you dd not here is the personal website and the mma and other stuff website adress


          • Hi Billy, I do like Liverpool FC – my gran used to admire them so I do, too. I like the fans’ passion. I don’t watch MOTD much as I’m usually snoring by then but I did stay up to watch the football league show last week because my team, Huddersfield, were in this incredible make-or-break tie with Barnsley. It was one of the best games I’ve been to in 30 years!

          • Billy Morrell

            Also look at the film, TV and play part of the website

          • I will – I’ve still got the leaflet you gave me.

  108. tal and josh

    Dear Helena
    we are doing book reviews
    mine is about a book called Rubbish Town Hero by nicola davies. it is a really good book about a boy called chipo, his sister gentle, his friend called dede and a dog that they find called mouse. At the bit i’m on they are lost in the city but then they find kind adults. I cant wait to finnish it.

    hi healna
    i’m reading a book called wonder it is about boy who has loads of oparacions to help his apreence when he goes to school for the first time will he get a good school life or not


    • Excellent. Tal, I know Nicola Davies – she’ll be thrilled you are reading one of her books. Josh – I read Wonder, too. I’ll be interested in what you think when you’ve finished it.

  109. Mrs Dalton

    Hi Helena,
    Really looking forward to your visit on Friday! Yr 6 have been busy writing a ‘book review’ book, as you suggested, which has been great fun! We have also been writing poems based on Simone’s diary…hope you enjoy them when you come! See you Friday!
    Mrs D

  110. Josh W & Jack D

    We are looking forward to you coming in we have been practising the script it is going verey well.
    We have a new library and it is really big (and cosy) it is a great place to sit down and enjoiy a book.
    Also i have read one of your books it was good.
    We enjoed learning the script but we have not had much time to practisce with it but we are going to have hole afternoon to practicse.

  111. Dom and Cam

    Hi Helena we have been practicing the scpipt it is going along quite well are libary has been extended so it has Alot more books in it we also have new comfy seats to sit in.

    • Hi Dom and Cam,

      I thought the library looked super and you all read the script like proper actors – I was really proud of you. I could tell you’d worked hard on learning the parts.

  112. matti

    hi Helena the visit was amazing 🙂

    • I really enjoyed meeting you all – I was glad I had more time with your class. Hope you liked the stamps – as soon as I saw Dr Who I thought I had to get them. I’ll send the book in a few days, Matti.

  113. matti

    Mr Hatwood on twitter :0

  114. Billy Morrell

    Hey Helena its me again. Do you like fish, Cats, Dogs or baby rabbits because i’ve got 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 fish which is officially mine because i brought it with my own money and 4 baby rabbits but 2 went to me and my mum’s friends but we have still got two and one of them has no eyes and one which is bonkers crazy and dont get me startes on my cat. I think he thinks hes a vampire and my dog she shakes peoples hand and my fish as soon as you put the flakes in he gobbles them down in one and we got a pond filled with frogs in the back garden we donated loads of frog spawn to the school. So See you

    Billy Morrell

  115. Billy Morrell

    By the way how much does a book cost i think i want one:) well the chapest one

  116. Billy Morrell

    My mom is getting a laptop and im getting her computor soon im gonna get the 3month windows 8 trial. This is gonna be sick 🙂

  117. Billy Morrell

    Oh by the way see you soon

  118. Ellie and josh

    Hi helena we will be talking about malorie blackman in this blog do you know malorie blackman? I really liked her book clould busting but I would like to know why is it called that? I also like all your books

    Josh 10 . 06 . 13 Hi helena Malorie blackman really likes our pation of reading blog Bye for now Ellie

    • Hi Ellie and Josh. Yes, I know Malorie – I’ve met her a few times and she’s lovely. I’m so delighted she’d the new Children’s Laureate. I read ‘Cloud Busting’ after Mrs Foulkes told me about it; it’s a really good way of looking at bullying, isn’t it? How do you know she likes the patron of reading scheme? Have you written to her? If so, how cool is that!!

  119. tal

    Hi Helena. I am reading two books at the moment. one of them is called The Hobbit and the other is called freaky fact or fiction world records they are both really good books iwould recomend them to children.


    • The Hobbit is a great book to read, Tal. I hope you enjoy it. Super to hear you are reading some non-fiction, too. That’s a balanced reading diet!

  120. michael

    hi helena it is michael from year 4. You might of saw me the last time you came. My mum just bought me a new book called horrid henry and the mummys curse. it is a really awsome book.

    • Hey Michael, nice to hear from you. I hope you enjoy the Horrid Henry book. Alan MacDonald has written a series called Dirty Bertie, just in case you run out of the others. They’re just as good, I think.

  121. daniella

    Thank you very much for the book helena. Yestoday we went to wach sky hawk it was a really good show. But in my words i proboly liked the book sky hawk more than the show becuse it tells you more about the story than the play. I really liked the book more.

    • Hi Daniella. The book is usually more detailed; a play can only fit so much of the story in. It’s good to see both and compare, though.

    • Hi Roan, I’m sorry the play of Sky Hawk wasn’t as good as the book but at least you had the experience of going to watch something ‘live.’ I always like reading a book before I see the film and 99% of the time the book is better. Hope you enjoy Once – although enjoy might not be the right word!

  122. Oliver

    Hi helena we have just watched sky hawk it wasnt that good i think the book was better. the play had to much sining and did alot of suff diffrent but the book was realy good hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Oliver. Aw, I’m sorry you were disappointed. I’m guessing it was hard to stage real birds like Iris convincingly in play form? I’m glad you read the book first, otherwise the play might have put you off it.

  123. Harry Caldecott

    Hi Helena we have finished skyhawk and we watched the play it was not as good as the book. Because it misted loads out of the play and the singing recked it. we really ingoyed the book you sent it sounds really cool. hope to see you soon from Harry.

    • Hi Harry. I’m with you on this one – I’m not sure how Sky Hawk can be a musical but hey, anything’s possible, I guess. Directors often do miss out loads of story lines when adapting books as plays have to fit into a shorter time frame. I hope to see you all again, too, Harry – especially before you leave Esgob Morgan

  124. Dylan and Chloe

    hi it is dylan here. i liked the book it was better than the play what we went to see called sky hawk on Tuesday 18th June. The play was ok bet not better then the book you sent us.We have onley just started it about a day ago i we really want to know what happends next that just shows you how good it is.There was singing and lots more the singing was grat.In the play it onley had 3 people in me and chloe thought there could of been 3 more other people in the play.The 3 people i have got to amit they were really good at acting we were all claping at the end. Me and Chloe disscused together what we were going to write to you.We disscused on a white bored.We both thought the book was better then the book.

    We just all want to say a very huge thank you for every thing you have sent us and done for us thank you very much.
    Hope to see you soon and good luck about getting to see us again.

    • Hey Dylan and Chloe. Thanks for telling me about the play – I love how you’ve both had a real good think about the differences between the play and the book. I’m glad you enjoyed the singing and it does sound as if the three actors did well to cover so much ground.

      Hope to see you all again before the end of term. Cheers!

  125. scott Williams

    Hi Helena we got the book you sent us called Once it is Amazing, thank you for sending it to us. We went to see the Sky Hawk play but it was not as good as the book. I think that Once is going to be better than Sky Hawk because the play they did was way to short, they missed out loads of bits from the book, most of the bits they missed out were the exciting parts of it.

    Hope you can reply.


  126. hannah

    hi helena we have not writen to you in a while but have so much to tell you we have been carring on with are story maps also we have done a perspectos and you are in it because you are, are patrent of reading and the first did you have a nice time on holiday? and

    • Hello Hannah. Don’t worry that you haven’t written – I know how busy things are in school. It sounds as if you are working so hard on lots of different things. I did have a nice time in Amsterdam, thank you but it feels like aaaaages ago now. I’m ready for another one!

  127. wes

    i have not written to you for ages today we are going to be writing our newspaper artickle i cant wait to type it was about incy wincy spider he ha heart his leg and a woman came to help him and when he got better she let him go out again anyway i can not wait until next time and maybe next time we can show you the play and i can not wait to show you my groups story maps i will tell you it is very scary it has got zombies in it and ghosts and we have drawn a toy and then we zombiefied it oh and it is my birthday next wednesday i have got to go now so goodbye how was it in ampsterdamn.

    from wesley

    • Hey Wesley – that’s a lot of detail there, boy! Your map sounds wicked – can’t wait to see your scary Zombies. Happy birthday for next Wednesday – I hope you’re going to get a massive cake!

  128. Libby Williams

    Hi Helena I havent written to you in a while. But I have got quite a lot of your books I have the do shinpads come in pink and also has anyone seen our strike also I have got is an own goal bad but I havent started reading it yet when we first saw you and that we first knew about you were our patron of reading I bought so what if I hog the ball. Yesterday we finshed of our story maps and also are making a start on the play today. We are doing a school prosectus and it will be going up on the school website we are doing it to gangnam style it will be so cool. Cant wait for you to come to our school on the last week see you soon. I hope you had a nice time in amsterdam (i think thats how you spell it) cant wait to see you soon. From Libby Williams year 5 .

    • Hey Libby, it’s lovely hearing from you again. I’m so glad you like my books and that you’ve finished the story maps. The new school prospectus work sounds interesting – gangham style – wow! Hope to see you soon, too. I need to arrange details with Mrs Redgrave…

  129. Ethan Ross

    Dear Helena,

    I really look forard to next visit.
    Hope your okay.
    I love your books there so good, they inspired me to read more.
    Yesterday we finshed are story map, some people need to do there finshing toches.
    When are you next visiting?
    Commnt me back.


    • Hey Ethan – it’s great that you have all finished your story maps – wahoo. I can’t wait to see them. Is Mrs Bailey going to get them all framed in wood? Ha! Ha!

  130. Jack Montgomery

    Dear Helena hope your ok,

    I realy look forward to your next visit cant wait!!
    Yesterday we kind finished our story map some people just need to do there finishing touches
    like me and Cameron we have some more characters Hitler and Binladen it’s such a funny story!
    When are you next visiting?

    :):):):)From Jack M:):):):)

    • Jack! Hitler and Bin Laden? What kind of map is this? Evil Dictator Land? Rest assured I will be making a beeline for your and Cameron’s map first! 🙂

  131. Jack Donald

    Hello Helena,
    Me and my friend Joshua williams have been finiishing our story map it is about zombies and half of it is based on ALKATRAZ and nearly all of the prisoners have been infected or electricuted!!!

    So… uhm…

    Oh yeah when will your next visit be?
    Please write back.

    🙂 jack donald

    • Hey Jack, Your story sounds terrific! And a wee bit scary… Did you know Zombies can only be killed by salt? I found that out at an art exhibition recently. I’m hoping to visit for the leavers’ Service on July 19th. See you then 🙂

  132. Cameron Jones

    Hello Helena i am looking forward to your next visit we have got groups for the scene i am with jack montgomery we have hitler and bin laden you can choose to go to fight the dragon or hitler its riscy which ever way you choose we have also got a massive prison called alcatraz the prisoners will be infected or electrocuted

    when is your next visit
    from cameron

    • O-kay Cameron. Either a dragon or Hitler? That’s quite a choice! I like the fact your story is ‘risky whichever way you choose.’ That’s what a good quest should be. Go for it!

  133. Libby Williams

    So Sorry about that it just sent. Anyway cant wait to go to nant BH. Kara Ffrom the libray has came today cant wait to see you soon from libby williams year 5

    • Hi Libby. Enjoy Nant HB and enjoy Kara’s visit – she’s a special librarian. Did you get a whole rounder? I’m left handed so I always either missed altogether or sent the ball flying in the opposite direction people were expecting!

      • Hi JW and Cameron, Nant BH is going to be so fantastic. I want to hear all about it! See you on the 19th – are you going to cry when the Y6s leave??

  134. Martha

    In Year 3, we have been reading ‘A Boy and a Bear in a Boat’ by Dave Shelton.

    We have made , in our groups are own made up islands of were boy and a bear go next .Ours is awseome!!!! We have got a chocolate volcano on ours.

    • That sounds fabulous, Martha. I’m glad you’ve done some follow up work on The Boy, The Bear and The Boat. Save some of that chocolate for me!

  135. JW & Cameron

    We are looking forward to your next visit,also we have nearly finished our scripts.we are going to nant BH next week it will be fun cant wait to see you on friday from JW & Cameron

  136. Bella

    Hi Helena,
    Esgob morgan haven’t seen you for a while when are you coming to see us in school oh and are you coming before the summer hol’s?
    We are doing well on the summer reading challenge so far althou we did only start today but it looks like everyones happy and reading I have two booka called eawig and the witch and fame shcool

    See you soon!!!

    • Hi Bella,

      It was super to catch up with you on Friday. Have a relaxing summer and good luck with the Summer Reading Challenge. You’ve already read two books by the sound of it. Is Fame School by Cindy Jefferies? I know her – she’s a friend of mine!

      • Bella


        Thanks for catching up with me oh and im finishd my first book called earwig and the witch it was brill !!!!!
        and im on to fame school -Dancing star so far it is good but I have a feeling that it’s going to get better oh and yesit is by cindy jefferies

        any way see you soon BELLA

  137. Molly and Chloe

    Hi Helena it is molly and chloe we are starting our new job which is puting people on your blog site. We are happy about are new job.this is an experiance for us.We are very exitede for your next visit.

    • I am delighted to hear I am in the capable hands of two of Ysgol Esgob’s finest pupils! Molly and Chloe, your first task is to make a list of people’s favourite books they read for the Summer Reading Challenge. I will then write a blog about it. On your marks, get set – GO!!

  138. molly and Chloe

    ok helena we will tell mrs richie and we will blog back to you when we can bye helena

  139. Euan and Ashleigh

    Hi Helina im on my last 2 books of the reading chalenge. its a great experiance for the hole class doing the reading challenge wear all so close to finishing. Euan just needs to go to the library and get 2 moor books. The reading challenge has been so much fun for the class. The new library is fantastic oh by the way Molly and Chloe wanted to say good idia. So thank you for saying they will get on with that. bye Helena.

    by Ashleigh and Euan.

  140. Ben and Lydia

    Hi helena it’s us Lydia and Ben. Lydia has finished the reading chalinge but Ben haent yet.

  141. Molly and chloe

    the peopol that whent on then are exitede for you to blog back to them bye helena

  142. year 4

    Heyli Helena
    my favret book from creepy House summer reading challenge was smartie big book of stupid jokes her one knock\knock whos there.water. water who
    water you answering the door for?
    from Dylan

  143. year 4

    hi helena i enjoyend the creepy house summer reading challange i fineshed it already my favroute book was dont wipe your bum with a heaghog it was funny
    bye Helena
    from Freya

  144. year 4

    Hi Helena,
    I enjoyed the creepy house summer reading challange.
    I have finneshed it.My favorate book was called Rubbish Town Hero.
    It was funny.
    Bye Helena,
    from Erin

  145. JJ

    Hi Helena my book is called In o sour out o sour its got dinosours in it iIlike the big dinosours its called Up A Sour Down A Sour

    From JJ.

  146. year 4

    Hi Helena my book is called Blakc in the Blitz I love it because its histoy its my faverat.

  147. year 4

    Hi Helena
    my favaret book is called Ottoline at sea the book made me lafe one of the funny parts was she went in a under water submaren she got in a fune suit she got in the water.
    from Leah

  148. year 4

    I have been How much poo does an elephant do? By Mitchell Symons. It is good because it tells you a lots of informashon eg. A Dolphin can jumpm 6 metres above the water surface. from megan

  149. Zak Williams

    Hi Helena it’s Zak in year three.Thank you very much for coming into school on Tuesday. I enjoyed listening to you speak.

    • Thank you, Zak – you are most welcome. I’m so glad I got to meet you all at last. I look forward to hearing all about the books you’re reading in Y3.

  150. Rhys Williams.

    to Helena today when I came from school I read horrid Henry tricks the tooth fairy it was very good I am exited to see you next time when you come to my school.I think you are the best writer in the world!!!!!!! and the funniest!!!!fromrhys!!!!!!

    • Hi Rhys. The Horrid Henry book sounds good. Let me know if you read any more of his stories. You might like my story ‘Stinky Street’ – the boy in that isn’t horrid but he is funny. Thanks for thinking I’m the best writer in the world – I totally agree with you!

  151. Callum Lewis

    Hi Helena
    I really enjoyed playing Head and Catch when you came yesterday. I hope you enjoyed watching Esgob Morgan winning all of the football matches as much as I enjoyed playing football for Esgob Morgan. I even scored a cheeky goal!!

    • A ‘cheeky’ goal! Nice one! I wished I’d had time to watch more of the football match because it sounded liked you all played brilliantly. Looking forward to seeing you again in May, Callum – I’ll try to come up with more ideas for ball games in class. We’d better move all the breakables first though.

  152. Amelia

    I love your books and I definatly like the book do goalkeepers wear tiaras?

    • Thank you, Amelia. I think Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras has just been reprinted so you should be able to get hold of a copy. I do know there’s one in the school library, too.

  153. thomas jones

    Dear Helena I really enjoyed you telling me about the rat story and you were funny if the walking stick cant wait to see you in may love from tom x Year3

  154. Jack Alexander

    To Helena you are funny and thank you for dressing me up as mr spanner from Jack Alexander

  155. melissa gibbons

    you were fun because I liked it

  156. Jack evans

    Hi Helena you are the best patron of reading ever ! look forward to seeing you in may bye from Jack evans

  157. Aaron smith

    To Helena we read your book do goalkeepers wear tiaras. The bit I enjoyed the most was when they went to auntie Mandy’s house.

  158. Chloe Williams

    Dear Helena I enjoyed it when you came to our school and told us about the story with little rats fat rats big rats and thin rats. I thought you were really funny. I also enjoyed the story Danny ogle. I thought William looked great in his costume when he dressed up as Danny ogle and see you soon CHLOE XXXXXX

    • Hello Chloe. I’m so delighted my Piped Piper of Hamelin assembly made an impression on you. William was ace as ‘Danny Ogle’ wasn’t he? I thought the shirt was a perfect fit!

  159. William McKinnon Groves

    Hi Helena, I had lots of fun meting you.What is your favourite book of the ones you have written?

    • Hi William. I enjoyed meeting you, too. Of all the books I’ve written, I probably like Vicious Circle and Simone’s Letters best. Vicious Circle because it was my first book, and Simone because she’s such a fully-formed character.

  160. Alfie J

    Hi Helena are you practicing for football I played a match and we won 3/2 hope I get to blog you again from Alfie J

  161. Alfie Morris

    hello Helena i liked and was happy to be posh Alfie and I love football but I dnot play for a team but i know i am good so i practice a lot, and i like your books i am looking forward to seeing you again .Bye from Alfie Morris in year 3

    • Hi Alfie. Wasn’t it weird that I picked you to play Alfie and didn’t know you were actually called Alfie? Spooky or what! Keep trying at football – practice makes perfect!

  162. Oliver Wilson

    Hi Helena, Great football story book you read. I like when the girl broke the wings.

  163. Finley Hough

    Hi, having a great weekend. Did swimming yesterday, my teacher was very pleased with me. I am now going to sit down and have my Sunday dinner with mummy, daddy, my sister, Nanna and Grandad. Nanna and Grandad has come especially to see us before Christmas. My favourite books are Beast Quest.

    • Thank you for such a full description of your weekend, Finlay. I bet it was lovely seeing your Nanna and Grandad. Hope they’ve bought you some more Beast Quest books for Christmas!


    I enjoyed reading do goal keepers where tiaras? and I also like reading Roald Dahl books. I have read The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox.

  165. Charlotte Hughes

    Hello Helena,
    When you came , I loved it when you read from your book Danny Ogle
    From Charlotte

  166. Rhys Owen

    Dear Helena, you were really funny telling us a story about rats on Tuesday 3rd of December after year 5’s class service. I was really excited when I saw you. I love having you as Esgob Morgan’s patron of reading.I love your book do goal keepers wear tiaras? the whole of year 3 is reading it. many thanks Rhys Owen year 3

  167. shannon jones

    Hi helena last time i saw you i told you about my scary story and you told me to write it down so i did and shown it to my mum and dad and they thought it was really good and even said i should write more stories , i cannot wait to show you it next time you come to my school see you soon shannon jones .

  168. Alisha jones

    Hi helena i enjoyed ur visit to our school and playing with the ball , i cant wait for your next visit alisha jones .

  169. Demi Thompson

    Hi Helena,
    thanks for coming into school I liked it a lot. You reading books was great. hope you have good holiday merry Christmas.

  170. katie jane bill

    hello helena, I’m writing a book about is going to be very good and it is going to have pictures.I liked you coming to our class and reading danny ogle.

  171. harry year4

    hi helena
    I am looking forword to christmas. are you.

    from harry year4

  172. josh year4

    hi helena
    I am looking forword for you to comeing back to school.
    from josh year4

  173. bailey mcintyre

    hi Helena, I really enjoyed your visit to our school, it was funny when you pretended you were an old lady it cracked me up, cant wait till you come again, love the book “do goal keepers wear tiaras” cant wait to read it, when I am older I would like to be a author. thanks from bailey xx 🙂

  174. William McKinnon Groves

    Hello again Helena

  175. katie jane bill

    I don t go to karate lessons

  176. Year 4

    Hi Helena
    I have been reading ‘Everton Encyclopedia’ by James Corbett. I got it from St Asaph Library. My name is on the inside cover on a ‘My Choice’ label. Kara asked us to choose a book for the new library last summer. I chose this one because it has Gary Neville. He was the best goalkeeper in the world. It is an ace book. I love it so much my Dad is buying it me for Christmas. I can’t wait!
    Have a great Christmas.

    • Hi Megan, I think Kara’s ‘My Choice’ idea was wonderful, don’t you? I like that you went for an unusual title for your book (although I don’t think Gary Neville was a goalkeeper?? Anyway, if I’m wrong you can tell me after Christmas. I hope you’re buying your dad a book, too!

  177. Year 4

    Hi Helena
    I am reading ANT ATTACk by Anthony McGowan. The book is so good it makes me feel like I’m actually in the book . I was a bit scared when Cat and Max got caught in the net. I liked it when they were in their den but then they got invaded by ANTS !!!
    Have a great Christmas.

    • Hi Freya,
      Ant Attack sounds like a really good book. Anthony McGowan writes loads of funny stories so when you’ve finished that you could try The Donut Diaries or The Bare Bum Gang. I’ll tell him you like his book next time I see him.

  178. Year 4

    It’s our Christmas concert in St Asaph Cathedral today Helena. We are singing the Calypso song.

    • I bet the Calypso Song sounded amazing in St Asaph Cathedral. Did everyone remember their words? I would have been so nervous (especially as I can’t sing for toffee!).

  179. William McKinnon Groves

    fine thanks. how are you?see you in may. I will keep in touch.

  180. tilly phoebe molly

    Hi Helena, we really enjoyed the morning when you came in. Have a merry christmas and thanks for coming.

    by Molly Tilly & Phoebe

    • Hi Molly, Tilly and Phoebe. I’m delighted you enjoyed my visit. Merry Christmas to you all, too. I hope Santa brings you a few books to read while you eat your selection boxes!

  181. Billy Morrell

    Hi Helena
    just saying thanks for the book and heres my quintain

    spiteful, Harmful, Hurtful,
    Pushing anddestructive
    pushing me down like a donimo

    • Hi Billy,

      So glad the book arrived – you deserve it. Your play was ace and I really like the domino image in your poem. I hope you get loads of books for Christmas – don’t go losing them down the back of any drawers like before, will you?

  182. Matthew

    Hi Helena i’m happy to speak to you again. I liked Danny ogle it was awesome. nice speaking to you bye.

  183. Emily,Tilly,Phoebe

    Hello we are reading a book called kidnap in the Caribbean by Lauren st john. The book is very very good. In the book there is a girl called Laura and her Uncle Calvin. They go on a cruise ship but Uncle Calvin fell down the stairs because the lights went out and he hurt his ankle. Laura has a friend called Tariq. Tarig went on the cruise ship with them too. Laura had a beloved husky called Skye.

    • Hello, Tilly, Emily and Phoebe. Kidnap in the Caribbean sounds like an exciting adventure story. Let me know what happens at the end. I hope Uncle Calvin’s ankle gets better!

  184. Billy Bojangles (Morrell)

    Hey Helena
    Its me. I have got some more drama in the house know because my new dog loves me. I know it sounds good and it is. The problem is…. well…. he is massive
    and loves to sit on me. Like the other day he walked into my room and sat on me and i could not see the screen of my TV. Also he loves to have a tug of war with his tug of war toy. He is really big. It is a massive rotwiller. But i still love him loads
    Best Wishes Billy Bojangles Morrell.

    • Hi Billy,
      I reckon you and your dog need a cartoon sketch of your antics. A Rottweiler, though? That is one meaty beast of a dog. I hope it doesn’t play tug-of-war with your head. What’s he called? Don’t tell me – Fluffy!

  185. Dominic

    Hello Helena I am one of the people who is doing the book quiz I have read my first book which was called A twist of fortune it is a very good book it has lots of action in it and it is very different. I am currently reading Oliver in the sea wigs it is an okay book it didn’t start off very well but as it moves along it is getting better and better. I was wondering if you could tell me which book to read and which bit to do a play on. We thought we might do a play on either The last wild or fortunately the milk. I hope you blog back and give us all some ideas.

    • I agree with you about A Twist of Fortune, Dominic – I thought it was really fast-paced with loads of things happening. It looks as if Fortunately the Milk is your quiz team’s title of choice for the drama. I’ll re-read it tomorrow and get back to you with ideas before the Easter holidays. Watch this space!

  186. Elizabeth

    Hi Helena,
    our school are doing the reading challenge this year. I have read Fortunately the milk, I have enjoyed this book very much! Have you read Fortunately the milk? We thought for the acting to do Fortunately the milk, The last Wild.Do you think it is a good idea?Hope to see you soon.

    Froom Elizabeth.

  187. Holly Buckler

    Hiya Helana,
    Our school are doing the book quiz and we would like to know what you think we should use for the scene. We have a choice of The last wild or Fortunately the milk. I read The river singers and The last wild. Which book do you prefer? Also have you read the vampire diaries? They were quite good. Well that was my opinion. Hope to see you soon!

    Yours sincerely,


    • Hi Holly. Both titles are good stories to dramatize. Let me have a quick skim over both, now I know which two you are going to focus on, and I’ll give you my opinions. If you were to pick a scene from each book, which one would you choose?

  188. Rhys Williams.

    I have been reading dairy of a wimpy kid the movie dairy and it is by Jeff Kinney and they are very good.

  189. kieron nolan

    Once was the best book i have read in my whole life it`s absolutely amazing no wonder you love it Helena.

  190. Holly and Libby

    Hiya Helena,

    We read once in class it was great! I really loved it. It was a sad book and a happy book. Happy book because Felix and Zelda got off the train. It was a bad book because Barney and Ruth and the others had to die. Also we think that The scene in the last wild should be the scene where his mother is dying. We can’t say a scene about fortunatley the milk because we haven’t read it yet.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Holly and Libby

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Once, Holly and Libby. I know what you mean – it is sad and happy at the same time. I have written a short play based on Fortunately the Milk, in case you choose that title. I agree the scene where the mother is dying would be a good one for The Last Wild, too. So much to think about!

  191. Cameron & Jack D

    We have just finished Once and it is fab I would give it a 5/5 and Jack would give it 4/5 Jack thinks it is a bit gory anyway we think they should make a movie and we really want to read then and now, if this book was an ice cream flavour it would be honey comb because it is crunchy.
    Looking forward to your next visit

    • Hi Cameron and Jack. Jack’s right – Once is a bit gory but given that it’s set in World War II it is bound to be, I think. I highly recommend ‘Then’ ‘Now’ and ‘After’ so you can see what happens to Felix and Zelda. Love the honeycomb comparison!

  192. Sion Richards

    it was good book and little real that had true stuff that happened in the war.

    • Hi Sion. I thought ‘Once’ dealt with the reality of what happened to Jews during the war well. Morris Gleitzman wrote it in such a way that children could understand it – he’s one of the best children’s writers around, in my opinion!

  193. wesley

    Hello Helena the book you recommended was absolutely amazing remember that book called Once it had so much action but the the book had so much sorrow in it and I would love if they made a movie about it although I could not imagine how sad it would be and I can not wait until the next time you visit you are definitely the best book recommender I now.

    • Oh, Wesley, you’ve made my day. ‘You are the best book recommender I know.’ Thank you! I agree with you about Once – it would make an excellent film. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in May. I’m coming for the Book Quiz heat on May 19th and then will spend the rest of the day in school. Yay!

  194. Alex roberts

    Once miss Dalton read us a class book and it was AMZING! and really sad it was called ONCE about a boy called Felix and his best friend Zelda it is based in WWII is was not a true story but it is real good and is AMZING|!!!
    happy Easter PS my birth day is the 26 of April

    from Alex

    • I’m delighted you enjoyed ‘Once’ – although it is not a true story it could be based on real events. I can never chop a carrot without thinking of the opening scene. Happy birthday on April 26th, Alex. Will you be 10 or 11?

  195. Rhys Williams.

    Hi Helena I have started your book again it is that good thanks Ellie xx

  196. Year 3

    Hi Helena, we are so excited about seeing you in school on Monday, we hope you are too. We are all going to send you a blog tomorrow to tell you what we have been reading.
    Mrs Bailey

    • That’s brilliant – I can’t wait to find out what you’re all reading. I am so looking forward to seeing you all again, too. High five!

  197. ieuan

    Hello Helana
    what was your second book? and I have read one of your books. have a good day. from ieuan.

    • Hello Ieuan. My second book in Girls FC or the second book I wrote? The second book I had published was called Saturday Girl and it was for teenagers. The second book in the Girls FC series is Petra’s story – Can Ponies Take Penalties? Thank you for asking. You have a good day, too.

  198. Alfie and William

    Hi Helena this is Alfie J I’ve read all of your books already!!!!!!!!!!. My favourite book of yours is Were the dream team right it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I played a tournament two weeks ago and won a trophy. Hi Helena I’ve been reading diary of the wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney. Do you know him.

    from Alife and William.

    • Hi Alfie. Hear that sound? It’s me being blown away by the fact that you’ve read all my books!! I don’t know what to say except thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed Gemma’s story in the Girls FC series. Top news about the tournament, too. Keep polishing that trophy!
      Hi William. The Wimpy Kid books are soooo popular, aren’t they? What is it about the stories that everyone likes, do you think? I’m afraid I don’t know Jeff Kinney as he is American so I haven’t met him. I’ll let you know if I ever do, though.

  199. Bailey Finley year 3

    Hi Helena. we are really looking forward to see you. In our school we have been reading Do goal keepers were tiaras it is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!.

  200. Callum Rhys o year 3

    Hi Helena in class we have been reading do goal keepers wear tiaras it has been AWESOME!!!!! so far . We are looking forward to see you on Monday .

    • Hi Callum and Rhys (or Callum Rhys!) I’m so glad you are enjoying the story. Have you played the penalty shoot out game on my website that goes with it?

  201. charlotte and chloe

    To Helena we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday. We have be reading lots of books. we have been reading holy web .We have been inspired by you from Charlotte and Chloe.

    • Hello, Charlotte and Chloe. It makes me happy to know you have been reading lots of books. Holly Webb writes mainly about animals. Is that right? I haven’t read one – I’ll have to check her out. See you soon 🙂

  202. Jack Evans and Ben Munday

    To Helena we are looking forward to seeing you next. We have been reading your book do goalkeepers where tiaras half way threw is great look forward to seeing you soon from Jack Evans and Ben Munday.

    • Hi Jack and Ben. I’m so chuffed Mrs Bailey is reading Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? in class. I enjoyed writing about how the team got together. I’ll bring some flyers for you on Monday.

  203. Zak and Alfie m year 3

    hi Helena we are reading do goalkeepers were tiaras we like that book. Alfie is reading England supporters book. Zak has been reading tom gates they are really good.
    See you on Monday.

    • Wow! There’s a variety! Alfie must be preparing for the World Cup and Zak likes a laugh. It is so good to know you enjoy fiction and non-fiction. See you soon.

  204. Jazz & Amelia y3

    hi Helena we are so exited about Monday. In school we have been reading do goal keepers wear tiaras its fab! Amelia has been reading Jessica the jazz fairy & I have been reading Midnight.there nice but you are really good! xxx

  205. Bethany. and Shannon.

    Hi Helena It is Shannon I have been reading 2 Charlie and the chocolate factory books IT is great .Hi Helena I am Bethany and I have been reading one of your books and it is called just kick it is great . And we are looking forward too seeing you.

  206. leighton and oliver

    HI Helena you are a good reader and a brilliant patron of reading and we are looking forward to seeing you next week. Leighton & Oliver

  207. year 3

    To Helena it will be really nice to see you. I Thomas have been reading horrible history’s island it was great.
    I have been reading Do Goal Keepers wear tiaras. I have enjoyed this book love

    • I’m looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you for reading my book, Charlotte and Horrible Histories are funny, aren’t they? I can see why they became so popular.

  208. Emily, Phoebe and Millie

    Thank you so much for the world war one poppy book, it lookes really good and we cant wait to read it.

  209. Ryan and Billy

    Hi Helena right now we are both enjoying books right now Billy is reading The U.S.A i love America and love reading about it! Also Ryan is reading Tom Gates Absolutely Fantastic, i like this book because it is funny and i read other books by the same author. In class we are reading Kidnap in the Caribbean by Lauren St John. After that we are reading konzukis kingdom!


    • Thanks for letting me know, Billy and Ryan. Have you ever been to America? I’ve visited Boston, Texas, New York and New Mexico. There are plenty of great American children’s writers, too. Betsy Byers was one of my favourites.

      • Hey Helena I go to america every year and this year we are going to new York so my dads film and my dads going to be on the today show!
        The only thing is we need to raise money and :'( we have a indiegogo page though to raise money here’s the link

        • Wow! What a great cause and I wish your dad every good wish. It sounds like he had a traumatic childhood but using his experience in schools will send out a powerful message. I’ll bring my book ‘Saturday Girl’ for him – it was the first book I had published and is about bullying. I have been asked to write about cyber bullying for a new ‘Simone’ book. All ideas welcome!

  210. Tal and Michael

    In class we have been reading a book called Kidnap in the Caribbean in class by lauren St John, it is about a girl called Laura, her friend tariq and her trusted husky Skye. It’s a really good book we would reccommend this to anyone who enjoys an adventure.

    By Michael and Tal

  211. Hi Helena
    When are you coming in next? When do we find out who won the ghost competition? Bethan Hughes our writing squad tutor said she saw something about it on twitter!
    You know ages ago I told you about the NY post with my dad here’s the link!
    Also check out my YouTube channel

    • Wow, Billy – it’s so great that you have your own film and book review page. I agree with oyu about The Hunger Games – the film lived up to the hype. Bethan is right – I’ll be with you on Monday 7th. I’ll be bringing with me the winning ghost stories Catherine McPhail judged – watch this space!

  212. Helena Pielichaty

    Hello Helena thank you so much for the morning with us and about our own solider in world war one. My and ffion chose David Jones. Thank you for everything that morning it was great.

  213. Ashleigh

    I loved it when you visited yesterday. I really enjoyed visiting the monument and learning about world war one.I hope you had a good time.


    • I had a super time, thank you, Ashleigh. It was much better having half a day with your class – it gave us longer to work together, didn’t it? Do let me know what you find out about your soldier.

  214. Molly taylor

    Thank you for coming in on Thursday . It was fun . I would like you to come back and do more with us.

    by molly

    • Hi Molly. It was brilliant working with you for the whole morning. I’ll see you again in May, no doubt. Do let me know how you get on with your research on your WW1 soldier, won’t you?

  215. Helena Pielichaty

    Hello Helena im at home on my tablet writing to you I am Chloe in year 5 Ysgol Esgob Morgan. I will be writing to you every day from now on so it is nice to write to you I will have new things to say to you every day.
    From Chloe Davies
    P.S see you tomorrow buddy bye

  216. Year 3

    I really like doing the salmon and the ring . I have been reading some of your books in the class room. They are very good .By Grace louise yates .xxxx

  217. Year 3

    I loved going down to the river and showing you the pictures and and we have started to make the cartoons. The cartoons are very good and I love it. Thank you for coming.
    From Harry

    • Thank you, Harry. I can’t wait to see all the finished cartoons. It was interesting hearing the story by the river instead of in the classroom, wasn’t it?

  218. Erin Jones

    Hello Helena I really enjoyed it when you came in the other day it was fun. I liked it when we walked down to the war memorial and choose a solder and then reasherched everthing about it, it was cool.
    See you soon,
    Erin Jones Yr 5.

  219. Year 3

    Thank you for last week my favrite bit was
    when we went to the river and you told us the story of the salmon and the ring
    I am reading Are all brothers foul a book you rwrote. i am really enjoying it.
    from Imogen

    • Thanks, Imogen! I enjoyed our walk by the River Elwy. You will have to think of Queen Nest every time you go down there. Let me know how you get on with Are All Brothers Foul? Helena 🙂

  220. Year 3

    To Helena I enjoyed learning about the ring.
    Ethan botterill.

    • Thanks, Ethan. I think it always helps to bring a story to life if you can visit the place where the action took place. Guess what I had for lunch at the school the next day? Salmon fishcakes!!

  221. Alfie Jones

    Hi Helena it was good seeing you again I enjoyed asking you questions the other day did you enjoy it? I love your books and things you put into them
    do you like football If you do who would be your best player in the barclays premier league? Anyway it was good speaking to you bye Helena.

    • Hi Alfie. It was good meeting you again, too. Who is my favourite player in the Barclays Premier League? Oh, heck. That’s a tough one. My team, Huddersfield Town, is in the Championship so I don’t watch many BPL players. I do like Ozil, the German player on Arsenal’s team. I watched him in the Euros and last World Cup.
      Who is your favourite player?

  222. Rhys Owen

    hi helena i am writing a story at the moment called the torror sleepover were the school is going on a school trip to glan Llyn and this boy called Callum fogwort and he has a dream were he gos into a different world. there are ghosts zombies and many more that infoves the word nightmare i am writhing it so the next time i see you i can give you the book to reading one of your books at home called so what if i hog the ball? janney jane hope to see you soon bye helena.

    • Your story sounds deeply scary, Rhys – I can’t wait to read it. Zombies, ghosts, nightmares and sleepovers – what could possibly go wrong? I bet Jenny Jane would love it, too – it sounds like her kind of book. Are you doing illustrations with it, too?

  223. Chloe

    Hello Helna I am writing a story at the moment I have read do shinpads come in pink.My story is about a dinorsour and a giant and they go on a school trip to a place called glan Llyn .They found a magikal cave with gold in. They found a person called Charlotte see you soon Chloe.

    • Hi Chloe. I totally approve of your book choice – it shows you have good taste! Your story sounds so exciting – what a great mix of characters. You have all the right ingredients for a magical story. Do let me read it next time I visit.

  224. Year 3

    Dear Helena I think your books are great ive read loads of your books at the moment im reading Here we go my favorite part at the moment is when Parrs won a goal. I hope I get to read all of your books there ausume. I like the descrihion in this book. I love the book is about friend ship and football aswell as liking that I like Who ate all the pies the reason I like Who ate all the pies is because my name is Holly and Holly in the book looks like me. Its so exiting to find out whats going to happen in the books.I think the best bit in this book is when Megan scores a goal. I absoulutly love your books. But I dont like it when some of the girls bully Megan. I love the fact the team Parrs work as a team to win a goal yove got ausome drawings. My favorite picture is Holly kikking the ball. Another of my favorite pictures is Megan cheering because she won a goal.Love Holly Morgan.

    • Wow, Holly! That is one full review of my Girls FC books. I’m thrilled you like them. How funny that one of the characters shares the same name as you. ‘Who Ate All the Pies? is my daughter’s favourite book, too. Let me know what you think of the others and thank you for writing 🙂

  225. Callum

    Hi Helena I realy like your books you have wrote.I realy like writing storys.I have filed a hole book of storys that I have wrote all the storys on my onw.I am going to start writing a story about a boy and a girl.

  226. Rhys williams

    Hiii helena I have been reading who cares if i hog the ball.I have enjoyed reading your books o girls fc.The other week i wrote a book about mine crat and i am going finish it of today in my room it is a very good book and i wrote it on my own with no help from anyone.Are you writing any books today and if you are can you tell me the name.I am going to write a book about a junle with a magic lion and tiger that can fly bye heena from Rhys w

    • Hi Rhys. I am so proud of you for writing so many stories. The one on Mine Craft sounds good but the one set in the jungle sounds even better! I’d like to see that next time I visit. Meanwhile, I’m delighted that you are getting stuck in to Girls FC. JJ is such a troubled character, isn’t she?

  227. Rhys williams

    Hiii helena I have been reading who cares if i hog the ball.I have enjoyed reading your books o girls fc.The other week i wrote a book about mine crat and i am going finish it of today in my room it is a very good book and i wrote it on my own with no help from anyone.Are you writing any books today and if you are can you tell me the name.I am going to write a book about a junle with a magic lion and tiger that can fly bye helena from Rhys w

  228. Year 3

    Thanks for coming last week it was realy good from Cai

  229. Year 3

    dear helena i really enjoyed going to the river with you and you reading to us it was fantastic i really enjoyed it you are a really good patron of reading hope you stay well from sammi may

  230. Year 3

    dear helena thank you for my lovely postcards and for your autograph i was so suprised when i saw the evelope i was jumping for joy i was so glad i thought you wouldn’t send me them or might forget. thanks alot lots of wishes from zak jones

    • Hey Zak – I’m so glad the post-cards arrived. I just had to send you the one with ‘Z’ for ‘Zak’ on it! Anyway, you’re ore than welcome.

      Hope you are having a great half-term.


  231. Year 3

    dear helena thank you for a lovly day we had, i am reading who ate all the pies because it has the name holly in it and holly is my best freind so far it is the best book in the world, from abigail

    • Hi Abigail. I think choosing a book because it has your friend’s name in it is a very good reason for picking it up! I hope you enjoy it. Who Ate All the Pies? was my daughter’s favourite Girls FC title!

  232. poppy yates

    hi helena over the holidays i was reading lots of books my favorite was who is your mummy it is about mummys that have come back from the dead.I also went trick or treating i got lots of sweets and my birthday is on poppy day thats in 7 days yay hope to see you soon from poppy xxxx

    • Hi Poppy. The Mummy book sounds good – who wrote it? We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters visit us this year so I had to eat all the jelly snakes myself! Is your birthday on 9th November? Mine too!

  233. Tal Liston-Smith

    In school this week we have been writing poems about world war one, here’s mine:

    Hundreds of soldiers trudging on and on,
    even though their friends are gone.
    They are all fighting for their life,
    battling in the almighty strife.
    “The war to end all wars.”
    Well that sentence has flaws!
    The bombs tumbling down,
    completely destroying the town.
    The town where people were terrified,
    even the fully grown men just cried.
    The houses had just disappeared,
    and people ran, the ones who feared,
    who feared for their lives and their friends,
    people who’s stories were about to end.

    by Taliesin Liston-Smith

    • Goodness, Tal, that’s such a moving and powerful poem. You’ve used your knowledge of what happened and created a fantastic verse. I especially liked the lines:’The war to end wars – well that sentence has flaws.’ It certainly does. The poor soldiers were told the war would all be over by Christmas and we know how that turned out! Well done, Tal, and thank you so much for sharing your poem here.

      • Jenni Liston-Smith

        Lovely comment by Helen and yes a moving poem, Tal and a sensitive response to having studied in school that remarkable poem by Wilfred Owen,
        Dulce et Decorum est.

        • Tal’s reflective poem is a credit to him. I hope he stays in the Writing Squads when he reaches high school. I think there is a talent there that needs to continue being nurtured.

  234. Thomas F Luke D

    Hi Helena its Tom F and Luke D. We have be doing Christmas week, we have lots of fun and games like a word search. We are watching movies in class and playing games at the same time Thank you for the card merry Christmas from Ysgol Esgob Morgan

    • Hello, Tom and Luke. It sounds as if you had a busy but fun end of term. I hope you both had a fabulous Christmas. I loved your cards, too – they are in pride of place above the TV! I am looking forward to seeing you in 2015 🙂

  235. Jacob Williams =D

    Hello there Helena I would like to know if you are going to release any new series of books. Also who’s the most famous Author you’ve ever met & looked up to??? This week we have been doing lots of christmas things including colouring in & word searchs =D

    • Hello, Jacob. Merry Christmas! I am writing this on 27th of December so I should probably wish you a Happy New Year instead! I hope you had a lovely time at home. I don’t have any new books coming out this year. my New Year’s resolution is to get some books finished – I have fallen behind with my writing, I’m afraid.
      The most famous author I have ever met? I guess it would have to be Michael Morpurgo. We were appearing at a literary festival together and we shook hands. He comes across as a kind and considerate man. I have also met Morris Gleitzman, one of my favourite authors, Shirley Hughes and many, many more. Aren’t I lucky?

  236. megan & luke

    Thank you for the news letter . right now i am reading two books megs books: the david beckham academy & moms mischief lukes books: blood bones and body bits (horrible histories) & middle school MY BROTHER IS A BIG FAT LIAR. I saw your book’s girls FC they are realy good hope to see you soon
    Luke And Meg good bye lovlie


    • Hello Megan and Luke (my lovelies). How fab to hear from you. I am glad my newsletter arrived. Your books sound mega. I like the mixture – fiction, fantasy and funny. Check out my Girls FC books because you are spot on – they are really good 🙂

  237. Thank you for the news letter you sent, I have just finished my book Sky Hawk by Gil Lewis. Its about this boy called Callum who finds a girl fishing with her own bare hands in a lake called Iona, next to Calums farm ( in winter! ) . Soon they become friends, and together they find out that there are ospreys living on Callums farm. I am now starting on a Chris d’ Lacey book and I am really enjoying it so far : D,
    Hope to see you soon from,
    Eirawen : )

    • Hi Eirawen. Sky Hawk is such a good story, isn’t it? Have you seen Gill Lewis’s other titles? I have heard Scarpet Ibis is just as good. Chris d’Lacey is ace too. Is it one of his dragon books? Let me know how you get on and thanks for writing!

  238. we have read the news letter and we liked it. Martha reading diary of a wimpy kid dog days.
    it is about a boy called Greg heffley and it is his diary about what he did in the summer vacation. read it it is funny.
    Tia is reading a Jacqueline Wilson book called Tracy beakers thumping heart.
    it is about on valentines day, Tracy falls in love with barney harwood of the TV.
    then she finally meets him.
    why don’t you read the book.
    hope to see another news letter from you soon.
    from Martha and Tia.

    • Hi Martha and Tia. Thanks for telling me about the books you are reading. I’m glad your are discovering new books. I’m afraid I started a Wimpy Kid book once but couldn’t get in to it. I know kids adore the series, though. As for Jacqueline Wilson – I don’t know how she does it! She writes at least two books a year. All power to the woman, I say. I remember reading Tracey Beaker when it first came out and being blown away by it. Nobody was doing that kind of real-life stuff outside America back then. Tracey Beaker’s Thumping Heart must be a follow-up, right? I will look out for it!

  239. Megan

    I am reading i am a nit loser. I have not read much i have only read 2 pages so far a boy called barry has seen a news paper that has asks if any one wants to do an advert but three children have to do it so he called his friend Bunky. I think some one might get the part before him because every one calls him a loser. I cant wait to read on. Everyone said it is good .

    By for now Megan

  240. Shannon

    Hi Helena it is Shannon from year 6 it is sad that you are not going to be our patron of reading any more 🙁

    • Hi Shannon. Aw!!! I know – I feel sad too. But the good news is you’ll get a new one! Besides, you’ll be at the high school by the time my patronage ends so you will have had me as patron for 4 years. I was only going to stay for three but wanted to see your year through. You can still write to me on here, though, no matter how old you are – I’d love to hear about how you are getting on. 🙂 🙂

  241. Hi Helena Its Jacob here 🙂 and Luke here :). This Week Me & Luke have been doing some stuff that isn’t that interesting but here are some highlights from this week (2 Days). We have been introduced to the fiver challenge my brother did it last year (Jack Donald). The fiver challenge is basically where we loan a fiver from
    the bank and use that fiver in your group to set up a stall sell things and earn your fiver back and give it to the bank

    -Luke 🙂 & Jacob 🙂

  242. Matty

    Hi Helena website is working again I am enjoying The Wee Free Men so far so thank you for your recomendation:-)

    • Phew! Glad the site is working again, Matti. If you enjoy The Wee Free Men a lot you could go on to Maurice and his Amazing Rodents, also by Terry Pratchett. This is a funny version of the Pied Piper.

  243. Matty

    A right will look. Hope you are having a good half term this week Helena:)

  244. Lorraine Dalton

    Hi Helena, Year 6 are going to send you their poems based on your idea of drawing a map of their home town and thinking of all the places they remember.Enjoy!

    • I’ve just found them! Thank you for sharing them with me, Lorraine – they’re super. And yet not one of them mentions ‘My Y6 teacher with the crocked leg…’

  245. Matty

    The great old stunning tower cathedral at the hill.

    The old water sound rubbing against the rocks.

    The small old Ysgol Esgob Morgan greeting me as I enter.

    The co-op at the bottom of the hill meeting people as I enter.

    The sound of people playing at the park next to the river.

    Chester street was always busy as I walked down it.

  246. skye

    The river slivering through the middle of
    st asaph like a snake,
    the cathedral the big daddy
    watching over st asaph,
    the parish church old and spooky
    with a creepy graveyard,
    the library light, quite nicest
    people ever,
    the park full or fun and
    fantastic things.

  247. Emily Foulkes

    My life at 11 years old.

    The giant snake winding
    through St Asaph.
    The shop full of yummy
    5p sweets.
    The huge cathedral standing
    over the city of St Asaph.
    The great and stunning
    Ysgol Esgob Morgan.
    The park full with children
    playing all day.
    The winding ground abouts
    rapping around them self’s.
    All the cars like slugs
    some like thunder.

    • Bravo, Emily. This is a delightful poem, full of life, although I was a bit worried about the giant snake until I realised you meant the River Elwy!

  248. Shannon Challoner

    The big daddy looking over us while we work,
    Our kind friendly teachers looking after us.
    The fun,energetic park which we all play on,
    The old,spooky church while we sing,
    The rusty and mysterious,oldish bridge,
    The rapid river running like a giant snake
    Now i’m going to my sweet sweet home where I live.
    Vegetables what we pick,
    Patients in and out,
    We have a leisure center where we train
    Co-op sells us anything
    This is our sweet little city St Asaph.

  249. Phoebe Dallolio

    My life at 11

    My warm long bungalow standing
    with all her friends.
    Nan and granddads with the big
    bouncy feller.
    Eryn’s house near the
    colourful park.
    Walking my dog breezy
    refreshing air,in the long lime green grass.
    Pop to the sweet shop
    so much to choose from.
    The smell of salt and vinger
    waffing in my face,

  250. Molly

    The big, huge rustic cathedral which looks down,
    on the rest of St Asaph.
    The wavy, flowing river,
    that flies through the grounds of St Asaph.
    The pea green bridge,
    which saves us from falling.
    The huge green grass field,
    with leave green trees that tremble in the wind.
    The old, wearing V.P infant school,
    where I grew up in.
    The extremely old, stiff court house,
    where my favourite club is. Powerplay.
    My little old house ,
    which sits in the middle of a street.
    My grass green school with yellow sun bright paint on,
    which I will miss. ALOT!
    That’s St Asaph.

    • Oh, Molly, that’s wonderful. You’ve painted such a comforting picture of ‘your’ St Asaph. You make it sound like an idyllic place to live, too.

  251. Matty

    This website works Helena but my original site the poets of esgob Morgan does not work any more!!! Maybe it is too full:(

    • That could be the case (about that post being full) Matti – I’ll check out what my webmaster says. Keep writing, though – I’d miss it if you didn’t!

  252. Luke Donald :S

    hi helena how are you i’m doing great :). I’ve heard the summer reading challange is on the guiness book of world records I can’t wait!!!
    you probably already know becauseyou are the best paron of reading and i don’t want you to go but you are I want you to know that you are the best paron of reading i’ll miss you se ya soon.


    • Hi Luke. Great to hear from you. I’m 100% chuffed that you enjoy having me as your patron of reading. I’ll miss you all, too, but it’ll be fun having a new patron who’ll bring fresh ideas to the school.

  253. leah hargraves

    Hi Helena i wonted to tell you about the new book me and the class are reading its called kidnap in the caribbean i think it is the best book we have ever read the main carictars are a boy called Tariq a girl called Laura and a man called uncle calvin he is Lauras uncle Laura and Tariq are best friends Laura wins a cruse to the caribbean and one night uncle calvin is seen in a grave yard and when he comes back he falls down the stairs well thats what Laura thinks he sprains both of his ancles . or does he. well i hope that you will come and visit the school again.
    best wishes leah h.

    • Thanks for sharing that with me, Leah. I think Lauren St John’s books are so good. I haven’t read Kidnap in the Caribbean – I’ll go check it out of the library ASAP. I just started reading Scarlet Ibis by Gill Lewis. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

  254. Matty

    Hi Helena yesterday Tom Palmer came in to are school and talked to us and did a little quiz with us:) Also today we did the race for life for charity. We had sports week all week on different sports.

    • That’s great Matti. I hope you enjoyed Tom’s Reading Game – did you get to take a penalty? Who won the shoot-out? I am seeing Tom next week so I’ll ask him all about it.

      I expect you’ll need a rest this weekend after all your sports activities! I’m tired and all I’ve done is bake two cakes for friends who are coming to tea. Ha! See you soon for the Leavers’ Service 🙁 Can’t believe your class will be going to high school next year.

  255. Matty

    Hi helen ☺hope your enjoying your summer holidays?

    • Hi Matty. I can’t believe it’s August already! I am trying to work on my book but it’s slow going at the moment- I don’t really know why but this one is a plodder. I’ll stick with it, though, as I think it might shape into something half-decent. What are you up to? It’s a wee bit dull here in Nottinghamshire to say it’s the first of August. The front garden looks decidedly autumnal with dry leaves curling on the lawn. I could do with a break in the sun but I’ve already been to Malaga so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. What abut you? How are you spending your time?

  256. Matty

    Wellhelena I have just come back from my holiday I went on all week☺ I went to Malvern Worcestershire. I was staying in a Ready camp (safari tent) that is a tent where it has wooden decking and a tent with a bed and everything provided!!

    • A Ready Camp sounds wonderful, Matty, and Worcestershire is a lovely part of England. I have been to festivals where the seating and eating area has been in something called a yurt but they don’t have wooden decking. I’m no god for camping any more – I can’t get up off the ground. Give me a hotel and a coffee bar and I’m sorted! Enjoy the rest of August. Have you got your new school uniform yet? Does it come with a smart blazer?

  257. Matty

    I have got parts of my uniform ready but not all! I will were a tie? for the winter to look smart! I am not a fan of camping very much! I can’t go out of north wales without feeling home sick! I can survive a night but then I want to go home.

    • You’ll look so smart in your shirt and tie, Matty. I know what you mean about going away and being homesick. It’s good to see other parts of the world, though. There’s so much out there, including Italian ice cream and American hot dogs!

  258. Matty

    yeah I will probably follow your comment in the future 🙂

  259. Matty

    Hi Helena I am enjoying my school so far it is good! And has so many good fun trips to go on!

  260. Matty

    My favourite subject is either drama music English or ICT. one of those subjects.

  261. Matty

    By the way did you have a good summer this may be a bit late to say!

    • Hi Matti. I had a great summer, thanks. It went so quickly though! I am delighted to see you like so many subjects at your news school – that bodes well. It’s good that the school has drama as some schools have dropped it. I think drama is a fab subject and builds confidence.

  262. Matty

    Hi Helena! My trips are I’m going to chester zoo in October to visit there for the day! Which I think will be very exiting!

  263. Matty

    The largest in Britain. Realy! Wow I didn’t know that. I haven’t been there since Year 3 I think. Have you been?

    • I haven’t been to Chester Zoo but I’ve been to the one in London. I think it’s fabulous being close up to animals you would never ever normally see. The monkeys always make me laugh.

  264. Matty

    Hi Helena so sorry I haven’t got round to talking but I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a very happy new year?

    • Thanks, Matti. Happy New Year to you, too. I hope you had a super time. I had a great Christmas but have now got a cough and sore throat so I’m up to my neck in Lemsip. I read Terry Pratchett’s The Shepherd’s Crown and that cheered me up a bit. I hope you are still enjoying school and that the Spring Term is fun. Let me know how you get on.

  265. Matty

    I got some books for Christmas and I got Demon Dentist and Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

    • I read Gangsta Granny but not the Demon Dentist. David Walliams is very popular right now, isn’t he? Let me know what you think of them. And so sorry for taking so long to reply, Matti. I haven’t written a blog in ages. Arghhh!

  266. Matty

    Yeah I have not read any of David Walliams books until I got those books. I have so many books to read on my bookshelf so I don’t know which one to read firswell!I am reading books a school from the library as well!

    • I know what you mean, Matti – my ‘to be read’ pile is crazy. The thing is there’s no rush – just read when you want to. The main thing is to enjoy what you are reading and not to feel guilty about leaving a book half way through if it doesn’t grab you. It took me a long time to learn that!

  267. Matty

    Yes that is true 🙂

  268. Matty

    Hi Helena, How are you? i haven’t been talking to you recently because i have been so busy doing things.

    • Hi Matty,
      How wonderful to hear from you. How is school? You must be near the end of your first year now – I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. It doesn’t seem like two minutes since the Y6 Leavers’ Service. I guess you’ll be getting ready to welcome the Y6s from Ysgol Esgob Morgan.

  269. Matty

    School is going good as year 7 has flown by. There is only 1 person from Esgob Morgan that is coming to the school I go to so all the other schools are comeing down is september .

    • Only one? How come? Is your school further away or something, Matti? Hard lines about Wales losing to Portugal last night – was everyone at school cheering the country on?

  270. Matty

    Yes my school is further away from where other people may live. Yes people were cheering for wales but they lost. But it is amazing how far they got isn’t it.

    • It is amazing how far they got – long may it continue. I guess you are on your summer holidays now, Matti – have a brilliant time. Summer holidays are always special, I think 🙂

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  272. Billy MorreSz

    Hi Helena. I was just going through all of my old posts on here since Huddersfield just got promoted and I immediately thought of you. I hope you’re doing ok, thank you for pushing my love of reading to what it is today. Good luck next year in the PL!

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