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That Friday Feeling

Yey! It’s Friday. If I coould leap in the air like Marta, the ace Brazillian footballer, I would. There’s something about Friday’s that’s different from the rest of the week. It’s not just that you’ve got the whole of the weekend ahead of you but that you’ve put the rest of the week behind you, too.  […]

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Book Review: A Boy called M.O.U.S.E by Penny Dolan

 When I was little there used to be a television programme called The Good Old Days on BBC 1.  It took place in a theatre – Leeds City Varieties – and the audience used to dress in Victorian costumes and react in the same was as a Victorian audience would to the various acts. ‘Oohing’ […]

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When you’re smiling…

 This is James Ellroy, an American crime novelist. He featured in the ‘Upfront’ section of the Observer magazine yesterday. I like the Upfront interviews – I like learning about people who lead very different lives from mine. James came across as a glass half empty kind of guy. If I tell you this photo was […]

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A year of…

I’ve just read a blog by Ross Bradshaw, who runs Five Leaves publications and used to be the Literature Development officer for Nottinghamshire. He’s doing a Year of… thing. Have you seen those? One woman did a year of not buying new clothes, another family has done a year of being ‘green’. Ross’s is a […]


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