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Blog for New Teachers Part #2: Class Readers

Here’s the thing. I taught for seven years full-time and a further thirteen years part-time. I taught in junior schools and secondary schools. I taught in small village primaries and huge city secondary schools. I had good classes and awkward ones. I had days when I was on fire and days when I simply didn’t […]

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If Carlsberg did Conferences…

I attended one of the most inspirational conferences I’ve ever been to yesterday (remember, I’m in my fifties – I’ve been to a lot of conferences). This conference was organised by The Reader Organisation, a body I’ve blogged about before. Now what makes this conference different for me was that I wasn’t attending on someone’s […]

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National Libraries Day

So where were you yesterday? If the answer is watching telly eating Haribo Star Mix then lose five points. palm iphone 7 case If the answer was in the local library celebrating National Libraries Day then Yay! Wahoo! Well done, you! Me too! How did you celebrate? Our tiny village library was heaving; people of […]

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Patron of Reading update

Blimey. You appear on TV for two minutes and everything goes crazy!  Since BBC Wales Today and ITV Wales published clips of the Patron of Reading initiative last Friday I’ve been inundated for requests from people to find out more. The fabulous Reading Zone blogged about it here. The revolutionary Reader Organisation, who edited the book […]


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