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Deary, deary me…

What’s that saying? A week is a long time in politics? It’s a long time in the book world, too.  This time last Saturday I was blogging  about National Libraries Day and what a fun time I’d had celebrating it. Soon after that, on Twitter, Fiona Dunbar was  ‘tweeted’ by a woman saying she’d seen […]

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Premier League Reading Stars

I was in London earlier this week on a ‘training day’ for the National Literacy Trust’s Premier League Reading Stars Challenge.     The purpose of the challenge is  to motivate children to read for pleasure using football as the spur. Schools, libraries, youth groups etc from all over England can participate. They receive a pack […]

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A library without a librarian is just a room

‘A library without a librarian is just a room.’ That was just one of the many memorable things children’s writer and libraries campaigner Alan Gibbons said during his talk at Lowdham Book Festival yesterday. It was the second time I’d heard Alan speak this week on the importance of libraries and literacy. iphone 7 bentoben […]


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What a weekend!

Wow! And wow again! Just back from the Joined -Up Reading Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) Conference in Reading. It went really well, thanks for asking, though there were glitches with the sounds system which meant some of the panel events were difficult to hear. I felt so anxious for the speakers as there’s […]


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Children’s Laureate

In July we’ll have a new Children’s Laureate (voting closed yesterday). The position, founded by the charity Booktrust runs for two years. The role of the laureate is to champion children’s books and reading in general.  The Children’s Laureates we’ve had so far have been: Quentin Blake (1999-2001) Anne Fine Michael Morpurgo Jacqueline Wilson Michael Rosen Anthony Browne As well […]

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Things keep happening that make me go @**!!argh@*

I want to write a blog that’s funny and upbeat. Honest, I really do. But THINGS KEEP HAPPENING. You won’t believe this one; I’m telling you, you won’t. First of all, check out this picture:   This is poet Ian McMillan  Does this look like a subversive man to you? A man so dangerous in his […]


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I remember libraries…

  As you know, I’ve been blogging about libraries and how brilliant they are for ages (I am so on-trend!). So have many other children’s authors. Recently, though, I’ve noticed a sea-change. There is now an urgency to these blogs and tweets. A realisation that, if we don’t do something soon, we’ll be talking about […]

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Why reading really matters and I’m not even kidding…

In case you can’t read the text on Posy Simmonds’ clever cartoon, the little girl is bringing her fellow train passengers up to speed with her Harry Potter book:  ‘… but see, they aren’t really them…they’ve just changed into them, cos they took the magic Polyjuice potion… so Harry becomes Crabbe, Ron becomes Goyle and […]

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Which football teams do children’s writers support?

As you might have guessed by now, I support Huddersfield Town AFC, as does Patrick (Star Trek) Stewart and David (The Damned United) Peace. Michael Hardcastle MBE, one of the earliest children’s authors to write football stories, is also a Town fan. To be honest – and this is a daring revelation – it would […]

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