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Blog for New Teachers Part #2: Class Readers

Here’s the thing. I taught for seven years full-time and a further thirteen years part-time. I taught in junior schools and secondary schools. I taught in small village primaries and huge city secondary schools. I had good classes and awkward ones. I had days when I was on fire and days when I simply didn’t […]

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Where did you get that hat? Summer Reading Challenge

Give us an ‘S’. blue phone case iphone 7 Give us an ‘R’. best iphone 6 s plus cases Give us a ‘C’. What have you got? SRC… which everyone knows stands for the Summer Reading Challenge. Yes, the Summer Reading Challenge, the Reading Agency’s simple-yet-genius idea to keep children’s reading for pleasure levels topped […]


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‘I will hate you till I die…’

So wrote philosopher Alain de Botton after a poor review of one of his books in the New York Times.  The whole sentence was: ‘I will hate you till I die and wish you nothing but ill will in every career move you make.’ This might seem a tad OTT but I know how he feels. […]

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