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What’s New?

Roll up! Roll up!  Hear all about the latest news from Helena Pielichaty.com What’s new? Book 11 of Girls FC comes out soon (June 7th).  Blurb: Amy Minter is different from the rest of the girls on the team. She’s soooo not in touch with her inner-footballer but as the season finishes and her time […]

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Bookshelves are go!

Well, they’re in, they’re varnished and they’re full.  My new fitted bookshelves look great.  Richard, the joiner who made them in his workshop, brought them in two pieces: Then he fitted them. It took him all day but he did a grand job. I spent  yesterday morning varnishing them with my own fair hands. I used […]

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Another reason I love libraries…

Every year, round about now, a lovely letter comes through my letterbox. It’s my PLR (Public Lending Rights) statement. This tells me how many books have been borrowed, from the sample libraries used, between July and June of the previous year. It always gives me such a boost to know that children are taking my books […]


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To e or not to e…

I had a letter from my publishers at OUP today telling me the Clubbing Together series was going to be published in eBook format. I don’t have a Kindle or an iPad but I might have to buy one now!                 People often talk about whether eBooks will take […]

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There was only one Danny Ogle…

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?  OK, let’s do the bad news and get it over with. Another one of my titles, There’s Only One Danny Ogle, has been POOPed (put out of print).  Publishers do this when a book isn’t selling well enough (i.e under 1000 a year). […]

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