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Usworth Colliery Primary School, Washington Tyne and Wear

I have been so lucky lately. Every school visit I have been on has been terrific. The one on Wednesday was a belter. Usworth Colliery Primary School is home to over three hundred lively, imaginative and friendly pupils. The teachers weren’t bad, either. This was a school, like Spalding Parish, that had really prepared for their […]


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Celebrity Writers (again)

The other big news in the world of children’s books last week (apart from Terry Deary) was that Chelsea FC’s Frank Lampard has signed a book deal to write 5 football books for children. diamonte iphone 8 plus case He joins David Beckham and Theo Walcott in this, although from what I can gather Lampard […]

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National Libraries Day

So where were you yesterday? If the answer is watching telly eating Haribo Star Mix then lose five points. palm iphone 7 case If the answer was in the local library celebrating National Libraries Day then Yay! Wahoo! Well done, you! Me too! How did you celebrate? Our tiny village library was heaving; people of […]

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Chippy Friday!

I spent Friday at Ysgol Esgob Morgan, the primary school in St Asaph where I’m patron of reading. I chose the right day – it was ‘Chippy Friday’ where the children get chips in a paper bag like in a real fish and chip shop. qi case iphone 7 plus In your face, Jamie Oliver! […]


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I’m a celebrity – get me a book deal

There was a feature in this week’s Times Educational Supplement by Helen Ward about ‘celebrity -penned’ children’s books. The piece coincided with the  publication of Radio 2 DJ Simon Mayo’s first book for teens, Itch.   I have no problem with Simon Mayo writing for children (or writing for anyone else for that matter). He has […]


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