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Win a signed set of Girls FC books

Don’t miss the chance to win a full set of my Girls FC books. They’re signed, too!   The competition in the recent issue of She Kicks     All you have to do is tell She Kicks magazine what the name of your fictional girls’ football team would be. Mine’s the Parrs, named after […]

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Research: or why I’m skint

 No matter what type of story I write, I end up doing at least some research and while the internet is great for instantaneous answers I still prefer books. I like the physical act of pulling them off the shelf, of leafing through the pages to double-check something. Most of all I like the ownership. That […]


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Touching Lily Parr’s boots…

 As you’ll know if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, I am not averse to a bit of name-dropping. Last week alone I wrote about meeting Gwen Grant, Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, John Harvey etc.  – not to mention the Sheriff of Nottingham. That was last week. Before that… where do I start? […]


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