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Just a reminder…

Just a reminder that there are still some ‘blockbusters’ left in town!

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PLR – keeping writers solvent since 1979

  There are a lot of happy writers about at the moment. Last week the statements for PLR were issued. PLR (Public Lending Rights) is a body that collect details of how many books have been borrowed from a selected number of libraries throughout the UK per year. The writer then receives 6.05p per loan of the […]

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And so the end is near… Girls FC 12

I began the final book in the Girls FC series today. It seems a long time ago that I sat down and planned my stories about an U11s girls’ football team but finally, here I am, on book 12. Book 12 returns full circle with Megan Fawcett as the main character. Megan was only in […]

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‘Utter tripe’ ‘ban it now’ and other sound reviews…

Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? Writers love nothing more than receiving a review. It doesn’t even have to be a fantastic review – just a few lines in a magazine will do. It makes their day and any writer who says they don’t care whether they get reviewed or not is a big fat fibber. At […]

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World Book Day’s a-coming…

It’s World Book Day next Thursday (March 4th).  Have you had the letter from school to take home telling you there’ll be a voucher for a £1 book? If so, did  your Mum roll her eyes and go: ‘What? Again? We’ve still got the one from last year.’ Hope not! World Book Day is great. […]

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