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Deary, deary me…

What’s that saying? A week is a long time in politics? It’s a long time in the book world, too.  This time last Saturday I was blogging  about National Libraries Day and what a fun time I’d had celebrating it. Soon after that, on Twitter, Fiona Dunbar was  ‘tweeted’ by a woman saying she’d seen […]

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More lunches with more legends…

*Namedropping alert*  If you read my blog because you like books and children’s authors you are in for a treat. This weekend was the bi-annual meeting of the Scattered Authors’ Society in a top secret location somewhere in the UK (Peterborough).   I had a great time. I’ve been a member of the SAS for over […]


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Which football teams do children’s writers support?

As you might have guessed by now, I support Huddersfield Town AFC, as does Patrick (Star Trek) Stewart and David (The Damned United) Peace. Michael Hardcastle MBE, one of the earliest children’s authors to write football stories, is also a Town fan. To be honest – and this is a daring revelation – it would […]

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