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Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers

I was lucky enough to attend the book launch for ‘Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers’ written by Rowena Edlin-White, back in December. The book is 300 pages long and a real labour of love, having taken ten years from conception to publication.  Five Leaves Publications have done a wonderful job and Gillian Ellias’s cover, showing a gilt […]

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Lunch with a Legend

   I had lunch with children’s author Gwen Grant today. It’s thanks to Gwen I’m a published writer. She took me under her wing when I was starting out and  allowed me to bombard her with my inept rantings. It’s through her generosity, kindness, encouragment that I found enough confidence to start sending work out to publishers. And […]


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Christmas Stories

The shops are full of Christmas books for children. Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas is a good one, as is Allan Ahlberg’s Jolly Christmas Postman and I agree with many of the others mentioned on this list which is why I’m not going to compile my own. Lazy or what? Guilty as charged.  Obviously there’s only one true […]

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Writers’ Rooms…

I’ve just been browsing through one of my son’s books. It’s called ‘Artists in their Studios’ and is full of black and white images of various American artists in their … um… studios. Anyway, I thought you might like a nosy round my study, seeing as it’s fairly tidy at the moment. I suppose if […]


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Things keep happening that make me go @**!!argh@*

I want to write a blog that’s funny and upbeat. Honest, I really do. But THINGS KEEP HAPPENING. You won’t believe this one; I’m telling you, you won’t. First of all, check out this picture:   This is poet Ian McMillan  Does this look like a subversive man to you? A man so dangerous in his […]


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This week I will be mainly talking about libraries

In preparation for the big Read-Ins taking part in libraries threatened with closure up and down the country this Saturday I thought I’d republish this wonderful poem by Gwen Grant:                                                    MY LIBRARY HOME     When they tell me to ‘Attach Birth Certificate here’, I ask them which one they mean. The first one that […]

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I remember libraries…

  As you know, I’ve been blogging about libraries and how brilliant they are for ages (I am so on-trend!). So have many other children’s authors. Recently, though, I’ve noticed a sea-change. There is now an urgency to these blogs and tweets. A realisation that, if we don’t do something soon, we’ll be talking about […]

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We’re all in this together

  I was extremely flattered to have this poem sent to me by Gwen Grant. She wrote it in response to my blog on library cuts last week.  Thank you so much, Gwen.   Here it is:         We’re all in this together         Or the ‘I DON’T THINK SO’ poem     Those fields […]

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Did I tell you the one about when I met the Sheriff of Nottingham…

Yesterday was Alan Sillitoe day in Nottingham (www.sillitoe.com) . Alan Sillitoe was born and brought up in the city.  Despite grinding poverty as a child and having a brutal and illiterate father, Alan grew up to be one of England’s finest writers of the 20th century. Several of his books were made into films but the one he is probably […]

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Put down the pen, get out the car keys…

 It’s time for the balancing act again – school visits and events v. writing. My job is, of course, to write but I also have to promote my books. For a children’s writer that means going into schools and libraries and meeting children, stunning them with my brilliance, then coming home again. Today I’m driving to […]

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