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Book News Blog: Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?

I’m delighted to announce that Eve’s story, book 10 in the Girls FC series, is out next week. Has Anyone Seen Our Striker? follows on from Gemma’s story ‘We’re Still the Dream Team, Right? although you don’t need to read Gemma’s story to read Eve’s. It is almost the end of the second season. Several of […]

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That Friday Feeling

Yey! It’s Friday. If I coould leap in the air like Marta, the ace Brazillian footballer, I would. There’s something about Friday’s that’s different from the rest of the week. It’s not just that you’ve got the whole of the weekend ahead of you but that you’ve put the rest of the week behind you, too.  […]

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Back of the … postbox…

 This isn’t Eve Akboh but it’s how I imagine her hair looks. Eve is the main character in the book I’ve just finished. When I say ‘just’ I mean ‘just’. I finished the final read through at 10.38 and Mr P has just returned from posting it at 10.59 which is when I’m blogging this. I usually […]

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