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New football season

How did your team do last week? Or do you support someone in the Premier League, so your first match is tomorrow?  I went to the opening match of Huddersfield Town v Brentford and it was excellent. Apart from winning 2-1 (a novelty for us – we rarely win our opening matches) everything about the […]

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In, out, shake it all about…

I’ve been going through a ‘funny phase’ as my old mum would say. One where I’m not sure what direction I want my career to take. At 60, I’m technically old enough to retire but writers never retire; the urge to write is too deep, too embedded. Besides, writing isn’t ageist – top writers can produce cracking […]

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Over the Line

2014 sees the start of numerous events commemorating the centenary of World War One.  Of all wars (and there’ve been a few, as we all know) this one is the most discussed, documented, romanticised and indelibly-etched on the British psyche of them all. In terms of literature, finding something new to write about is a big ask. Finding something new to write about and writing […]


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Meet Huddersfield Town Foundation’s newest patron – me!

OK. So what have the following people got in common?               Ed Clancy, Olympic gold medallist (cycling)               Andrew Gale (captain of Yorkshire Cricket Club)              Siobhan Greene (Executive Producer at ITV. Credits include X Factor)     […]

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Going up, up, up

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to blog about one of the best days ever but I’m still in a trance. Last Saturday, May 28th, Huddersfield Town met Sheffield United in the League 1 Play-Off Final. The Play-Offs, for those of you who don’t follow football, are the FA’s way of deciding which team […]

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We’re on our way to Wembley…

Forget the Champions League and EURO2012. There’s only one big football match this season and it’s Huddersfield Town versus Sheffield United at Wembley on May 26th. Whoever wins will be promoted to the Championship in the npower League. That’s only one down from the Premiership. Bring it on! Now, for fans of both Yorkshire teams that […]


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Who are you?

This house has my favourite address in the world. It’s on the edge of a small town called Bawtry near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.  I’d love to have headed notepaper giving that as my abode! I think where we’re from makes us who we are. It roots us, even if where we’re from isn’t particularly pleasant or […]

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Put down the pen, get out the car keys…

 It’s time for the balancing act again – school visits and events v. writing. My job is, of course, to write but I also have to promote my books. For a children’s writer that means going into schools and libraries and meeting children, stunning them with my brilliance, then coming home again. Today I’m driving to […]

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Give us an ‘Ar’

htafc This is a Town report. Skip this piece if you were expecting something intelligent about writing… I must admit, I wasn’t keen on going to the match yesterday. I wanted to stay home and write because I’m feeling behind with my book. But no, the ticket was bought and I knew if I didn’t go I’d […]

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Football Results…

 Huddersfield Town were thumped by Peterborough on Saturday; 4-2 after being ahead 2-0. So that’s won one, drawn one and lost one so far. Nothing like being consistent. Better news for England Women who beat Austria 4-0 to qualify top of their table for Germany next year. Yey! In honour of the weekend’s results I […]

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