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Yay for Lord Grey!

  I had a cracking time yesterday at Lord Grey School in Bletchley, Bedfordshire. First of all I met all the Year 7s and regaled them with my life history (they were in thrall, as you can imagine). After that I was given two hours with thirty Y7 girls – wahoo!  My mission – to get them to produce some […]


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Ten Things Found In A Writer’s Brain….

I had a school visit with a difference today; running creative writing workshops with teachers instead of pupils. cheap sparkle iphone 6 case Now there’s a challenge! Conscious of how traumatic it is for teachers going back to school after the summer break, I tried to make the tasks practical but punchy. Start small, think […]

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Things keep happening that make me go @**!!argh@*

I want to write a blog that’s funny and upbeat. Honest, I really do. But THINGS KEEP HAPPENING. You won’t believe this one; I’m telling you, you won’t. First of all, check out this picture:   This is poet Ian McMillan  Does this look like a subversive man to you? A man so dangerous in his […]


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Yey! The first snow of winter has fallen over Britain. Let’s celebrate! I reckon the Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan, won’t mind me sharing his poem funny with you. I keep my snowman in the freezer by Ian McMillan I keep my snowman in the freezer Just behind the pies He likes it there, he […]

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