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National Libraries Day

So where were you yesterday? If the answer is watching telly eating Haribo Star Mix then lose five points. palm iphone 7 case If the answer was in the local library celebrating National Libraries Day then Yay! Wahoo! Well done, you! Me too! How did you celebrate? Our tiny village library was heaving; people of […]

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Poetry Anthologies

I’m not a poet, not even a bad one, but I do enjoy reading poems and hearing them read. uag iphone 6 plus case I picked up this newish anthology (2011), Green Glass Beads, a collection of Poems for Girls from my local bookshop the other week. I almost didn’t buy it as I don’t […]

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Kids in the (book) Corner

News today of the top ten most borrowed authors from libraries in 2010 and guess what? Seven out of ten were children’s writers. In your face, Martin Amis! Here’s the Top Ten: 1. James Patterson (US Crime/Thriller) 2. Daisy Meadows of the Rainbow Fairies series such as: Don’t know why I chose that particular one out of […]

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