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Win a signed set of Girls FC books

Don’t miss the chance to win a full set of my Girls FC books. They’re signed, too!   The competition in the recent issue of She Kicks     All you have to do is tell She Kicks magazine what the name of your fictional girls’ football team would be. Mine’s the Parrs, named after […]

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Selby High School

   First of all apologies for the late posting of this blog. It was thundering and lightning all evening so I daren’t switch on my computer. That’s how they die! Trust me, I’ve learned that one from experience. The other thing I’ve learned from experience is that I can tell what sort of a school […]

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Good morning folks…

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you are feeling more like the guy on the left of my photo than the one on the right today!  I took this last week when I was in Old Trafford for the League 1 play-offs. I love the busy feel of the shot, don’t you?  I’m heading off for Manchester […]


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Sexism in football? Never!

© bleachersport.com Thank you Messrs. Gray and Keys. Your sexist rants about Sian Massey, the fourth official at the Wolves v Liverpool match last Saturday have done more to raise the profile of women in football in one fell swoop (or should that be foul swoop?!) than any amount of advertising could. Result! In case you missed it, […]

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Touching Lily Parr’s boots…

 As you’ll know if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, I am not averse to a bit of name-dropping. Last week alone I wrote about meeting Gwen Grant, Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, John Harvey etc.  – not to mention the Sheriff of Nottingham. That was last week. Before that… where do I start? […]


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Girls who play football…

Three girls from the Woodside team participating in the ESFA football tournament I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s tournament and how great it was to see the girls’ games being taken as seriously as the boys’ games being played alongside them.  There was no difference in the coaching and tactics being shouted by the managers from […]

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Reads United cause chaos at Campus…

Fridays will never be the same… As if the Burnley area hadn’t had enough excitement for one day, not only did Reads United perform at Padiham in the morning but they were somehow also able to summon up enough energy to perform again at the smart Burnley Campus in the afternoon. How do they do […]

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Nettie Honeyball

Nettie Honeyball organised the first official women’s football match in 1895. Yep, 1895. In her honour, I named the league in my books after her and my team after Lily Parr of Dick, Kerr’s Ladies.  At the National Football Museum in Preston they have this rather fetching replica of the kit worn in Nettie’s time, […]


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