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BAME Characters in Children’s Books

A recent study called ‘Reflecting Realities’ by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) found that of all the children’s books published last year in the UK (9,115), only 4% featured characters from a BAME (Black or minority ethnic) background. This is a remarkably low figure, given that the report also states that 32% of […]

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Carnegie Medal Longlist Controversy

I was once nominated for the Carnegie medal; it was back in 1999 for Simone’s Letters. I can’t tell you how delighted I was – the Carnegie Medal was the children’s book award as far as I was concerned and to be nominated was the ultimate accolade (although I suppose winning would have been the […]


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Headline: Scientists forget magical ingredients in Borrowers research news…

The Borrowers by Mary Norton First published in 1952 I cherished Mary Norton’s book The Borrowers when I was little. The notion of tiny people living under the floorboards, making use of all the bits and pieces humans discarded or lost, grabbed my imagination. So much so, that I used to pray – actually pray […]

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Where did you get that hat? Summer Reading Challenge

Give us an ‘S’. blue phone case iphone 7 Give us an ‘R’. best iphone 6 s plus cases Give us a ‘C’. What have you got? SRC… which everyone knows stands for the Summer Reading Challenge. Yes, the Summer Reading Challenge, the Reading Agency’s simple-yet-genius idea to keep children’s reading for pleasure levels topped […]


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Malorie Blackman

Huge congratulations to Malorie Blackman who has succeeded Julia Donaldson to become the new Children’s Laureate. Malorie, who is mostly known for her Young Adult fiction such as Noughts and Crosses and Pig-Heart Boy but has written super stuff for younger kids such as Cloud Busting, too, is going to be amazing. Read her plans […]

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What a weekend!

Wow! And wow again! Just back from the Joined -Up Reading Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) Conference in Reading. It went really well, thanks for asking, though there were glitches with the sounds system which meant some of the panel events were difficult to hear. I felt so anxious for the speakers as there’s […]


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Is your teacher a secret writer?

I used to be a teacher. I taught for over twenty years, on and off, between 1978 and 2000. I taught in primary, middle and secondary schools of all shapes and catchment areas. I taught English, geography, maths, RE, PE… you name it, I’ve taken lessons in it.  Here I am with my first tutor group in 1978. I’ve […]

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Christmas Stories

The shops are full of Christmas books for children. Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas is a good one, as is Allan Ahlberg’s Jolly Christmas Postman and I agree with many of the others mentioned on this list which is why I’m not going to compile my own. Lazy or what? Guilty as charged.  Obviously there’s only one true […]

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