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Teenage Kicks

I’m heading for Derbyshire today to talk to librarians and young adults about young adult fiction. iphone 7 cases with charger The event is called Teenage Kicks and Bali Rai is the keynote speaker. iphone 6 case holder on back I’m sharing the final slot with Bali on ‘What publishers want.’   I’ve written three […]

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Accidental Friends gets a mention

This was a pleasant surprise when I checked in on Twitter just now. iphone 7 hard case red I discovered that Jim Dean, iphone 7 premium leather case a blogger on young adult fiction, iphone 8 reflex case has included my book Accidental Friends as one of his top choices for ‘YA fiction told in […]

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West End School, Cleckheaton

I had my last school visit of the year today and 2011 ended on a high. The pupils from West End Middle School were ace. They came to the library as part of MAK(Mission Active Kirklees) a joint venture between the council, library services and schools to encourage children to get active and think healthy. […]


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Book News Blog: Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?

I’m delighted to announce that Eve’s story, book 10 in the Girls FC series, is out next week. Has Anyone Seen Our Striker? follows on from Gemma’s story ‘We’re Still the Dream Team, Right? although you don’t need to read Gemma’s story to read Eve’s. It is almost the end of the second season. Several of […]

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Foreign editions

  How excellent is this! Never Ever, my bostin’ book for teens, is to be published in Slovenian next year (as Nikoli in nikdar) along with Saturday Girl (Sobotna puncta).  As you can see, the covers are very different from the UK versions. I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you whether the storylines are – […]

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Top Ten Teen Reads from the Book Trust

   I’m delighted that Anne Cassidy’s (www.annecassidy.com)  book Looking for JJ has been included on the Book Trust’s all time Top Ten Teen Books.  Looking for JJ did what all good books do – it broke the mould. Just as Melvin Burgess’s Junk blew everyone away when it tackled drugs head-on in an honest yet non-preachy […]

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Well I never ever…

 Who says typing your own name into Google to see what comes up is for egotistical saddos with nothing better to do with their time?  Look what I found!  This is my teen book Never Ever only it’s in…. it’s in… um…. another language. Who knew? Certainly not I, the creator of this fine work. I […]

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It’s official – my books are better than Twilight (allegedly)

Never Ever I had a splendid e-mail from a girl called Lauren yesterday.  She’d just finished reading my teen book ‘Never Ever’ and wrote: ‘I wanted it to last longer. I love that book. I enjoyed it more than Twilight.’ What an accolade. My Erin and Liam better than Bella and Edward. Yes! Actually, I […]

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