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Chippy Friday!

I spent Friday at Ysgol Esgob Morgan, the primary school in St Asaph where I’m patron of reading. I chose the right day – it was ‘Chippy Friday’ where the children get chips in a paper bag like in a real fish and chip shop. qi case iphone 7 plus In your face, Jamie Oliver! […]


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Kulanjango by Jenny Ritchie

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’m the patron of reading of a school in North Wales (Ysgol Esgob Morgan). The headteacher, Tim Redgrave, has been getting so much interest about it from other schools and authors we’re devising a set of guidelines about what a patron  does.  Basically, the main emphasis […]


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Patron of Reading update

Blimey. You appear on TV for two minutes and everything goes crazy!  Since BBC Wales Today and ITV Wales published clips of the Patron of Reading initiative last Friday I’ve been inundated for requests from people to find out more. The fabulous Reading Zone blogged about it here. The revolutionary Reader Organisation, who edited the book […]


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A poem to celebrate the first snow of the year

Winterpoem (for Elizabeth) by Adrian Henri See the conquering hero winter comes Frost on the palmhouse windows mist covering the flowerbeds Swans somehow not frozen in their lakes Taking our walk instead in the city Out of the warm Neat     O’Cedar floor you just polished                 […]

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Busy, busy, busy…

Yikes!  What’s going on?  So many schools are contacting me asking about  author visits. Maybe it’s everyone’s New Year’s Resolution to have one. I’m not complaining, mind you; the more the merrier. My first visit is this Friday to Ysgol Esgob Morgan Primary.  Ysgol Esgob Morgan is the school where I’m patron of reading so […]

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The Reading Agency

Wow! Ysgob Esgob Morgan, the school where I’m patron of reading, was recognised for its achievement in the Summer Reading Challenge on the Reading Agency’s blog today. How utterly fabulous is that!  

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More from the Joined-Up Reading Conference

Here’s a few more pics for you from the Joined – Up Reading Conference (see yesterday’s blog, too):   Here I am with Miriam Halahmy, YA fiction writer. Nice plug on the book there, Miriam! #pro Bali Rai, Sarah McIntyre (holding Allan Ahlberg’s bear – don’t tell him), me, Nicola Smee (all CWIG committee members […]


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Return to Ysgol Esgob Morgan

I returned to the small but perfectly-formed city of St Asaph yesterday to check up on how everyone was getting on at Ysgol Esgob Morgan (where I’m Patron of Reading) . I know what a dangerous time the end of term is for teachers. They have so many things going on they’re likely to explode so […]


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Matti’s mesostic poem…

Matti is a Y3 pupil at Ysgol Esgob Morgan. He’s been writing to me all through half-term and I love hearing from him. Here’s his mesostic poem; bet you can’t guess what Matti’s favourite TV programme is?   tennanT Aliens contRols Daleks lIghts Sounds by Matthew image from brassandglass.wordpress.


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Ysgol Esgob Morgan: a school visit with a difference

Guess what? I’ve been chosen as Ysgol Esgob Morgan’s Patron of Reading. How absolutely awesome and fandabbydozy is that?  I reckon this is my greatest honour yet and I’ve been nominated for the Carnegie Medal, don’t you know (Simone’s Letters). Ysgol (that’s Welsh for ‘school’) Esgob Morgan is a junior school in St Asaph’s, North […]


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