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One Club, One Community

In 2000, Roy Keane, then captain of Manchester United, famously lambasted the club’s fans for their poor support during a match against Dynamo Kiev. His anger was particularly directed at the ‘men in suits’ up in the corporate seats who ‘…can’t even spell football let alone understand it.’ He nicknamed them the ‘prawn sandwich brigade’ and […]

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Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle

This is the place to go if you love children’s books. It’s called Seven Stories (because it’s in a building seven storeys high) and is situated on the outskirts of Newcastle-upon- Tyne. cloud phone case iphone 6 Dedicated entirely to children’s books, it houses some of the rarest collections of children’s writers and illustrators manuscripts […]

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And the award goes to…

The awards season is in full swing. iphone 6 quality case On Thursday I attended the Society of Authors Authors’ Awards and here’s my invitation to prove it:                           My initial reaction to being at such ceremonies is always a sense of disbelief, […]

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Deary, deary me…

What’s that saying? A week is a long time in politics? It’s a long time in the book world, too.  This time last Saturday I was blogging  about National Libraries Day and what a fun time I’d had celebrating it. Soon after that, on Twitter, Fiona Dunbar was  ‘tweeted’ by a woman saying she’d seen […]

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Patron of Reading update

Blimey. You appear on TV for two minutes and everything goes crazy!  Since BBC Wales Today and ITV Wales published clips of the Patron of Reading initiative last Friday I’ve been inundated for requests from people to find out more. The fabulous Reading Zone blogged about it here. The revolutionary Reader Organisation, who edited the book […]


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