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The Art of Silent Reading

Back in the days of yore, when whiteboards and mobile phones were the stuff of science-fiction and everyone had permed hair, I was a teacher. spigen iphone 8 case thin fit I taught in a variety of schools; secondary, middle and primary. I taught high school children from affluent towns in the south-east and tough […]


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What’s New?

Roll up! Roll up!  Hear all about the latest news from Helena Pielichaty.com What’s new? Book 11 of Girls FC comes out soon (June 7th).  Blurb: Amy Minter is different from the rest of the girls on the team. She’s soooo not in touch with her inner-footballer but as the season finishes and her time […]

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Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

  I am in awe!  Last night I went to a Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) meeting to hear Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell talk. The pair, best know for their Edge Chronicles series (http://www.stewartandriddell.co.uk/edge/) , were thoroughly engaging. They clearly get along well as they were forever interrupting each other (in the nicest possible way) […]

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readers reading…

I’ve just bought a copy of this great print of a girl reading from Sonia Leong, the illustrator who does the covers for my Girls FC series. Isn’t it great? Look at those huge green manga- eyes shining so brightly from reading top quality fiction! I’m always on the lookout for cards depicting books and […]

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New website updates: EVENTS PAGE

book signings, visits… it’s all kicking-off! Dearest Blog Readers, Just to let you know that there is a new ‘Events’ page on my website. It isn’t up on my homepage but can be accessed on the toolbar once you start exploring – look to the right of the ‘links’ button and Clubbing Together girls. The […]

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Show don’t tell…

Meet Jenny-Jane Bayliss, coming to a bookshop near you.  She’s the seventh character in my Girls FC series and one of my favourites. On the team she’s the one who gets stuck in.  Fearless and determined, nothing fazes her; once she has the ball, she’s off down that wing like a hare from a trap […]

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