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Summer Reading Challenge: Sutton-on-Trent crowned Newark Champions

A few months ago I came up with a splendid idea. iphone 6 survival case I’m always having splendid ideas; it can be a bit of a pain, to be honest. Anyway, you know how I’m always banging on about how I wouldn’t be a writer if it hadn’t been for my local library turning […]

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Story Lab: the grand final

It’s reassuring that despite Nintendo, X-box, video games and TV with hundreds of channels to choose from, creative writing is still a hugely popular activity among the under- 12s. Over 7,000 children participated in the Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge writing competition initiated this year. Called ‘Finish the Story – Share the Glory’, the competition […]

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Back to school: some sage advice

  So we’re nudging into September already. That means back to school as the TV advert on the Staedtler pens reminded me (note to producers – little girls don’t look like Pippi Longstocking anymore).  So, have you got your new uniform? New shoes? Plasters for when new shoes give you blisters as big as crabapples?  What […]

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