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Book Review: Crossing the Line (YA)

I love it when I discover a writer whose books I like. I follow Gillian Philip on Twitter and she comes across as witty and friendly and has a cool avatar so when I saw one of her books in my local library I borrowed it. Gillian Philip       Crossing the Line opens with a powerful statement […]

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More lunches with more legends…

*Namedropping alert*  If you read my blog because you like books and children’s authors you are in for a treat. This weekend was the bi-annual meeting of the Scattered Authors’ Society in a top secret location somewhere in the UK (Peterborough).   I had a great time. I’ve been a member of the SAS for over […]


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   There’s a lot of stuff in the media at the moment about ‘super injunctions.’ These are court orders taken out by an individual or group to prevent something personal becoming public. Usually the people taking them out are celebrities or footballers. As I write, David Cameron is discussing super injunctions in the House of Commons. Should they be allowed? Should […]

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Contemporary Fiction

What counts as ‘contemporary fiction’? Is it fiction written over the last couple of years or is it fiction set in the here and now? I suspect it is the latter with the proviso that it is also quite serious stuff about heavy issues. Whatever it is, I seem to have been reading a lot of it recently. I […]

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It’s that Friday feeling again…

I don’t know about where you are but it’s been gorgeous in Nottinghamshire today. Clear sky, warm sunshine and all the blossom out on the trees. It’s days like this I feel so lucky that I work from home, doing a job I really enjoy. Being self-employed means I can stop what I’m doing and go […]

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