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West End School, Cleckheaton

I had my last school visit of the year today and 2011 ended on a high. The pupils from West End Middle School were ace. They came to the library as part of MAK(Mission Active Kirklees) a joint venture between the council, library services and schools to encourage children to get active and think healthy. […]


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Buns and stuff

 Have been loving the BBC 2 programme The Great British Bake Off and I was gutted to miss the one on tarts last week. I don’t even know who was sent home for having the soggiest pastry!  Anyway, I’ll be watching tonight.  I especially like the sketches done by Tom Hovey of the various breads […]

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White Rabbits! (or: it can’t be June 1st already…)

Flaming June already. Well, more drizzly than flaming but still June. Arghh! I’m not ready. June is my crazy-busy month with Tom Palmer and Reads United. To tie in with the World Cup in South Africa we’re visiting schools, libraries and festivals up and down the country (actually, two countries as we’re in Wales as […]

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